15 Comments on “New Hammer Equipment! 🚨 OBSESSION TOUR PEARL ⚠️ INFAMOUS 🚨”

    1. There’s plenty of benchmark options right now. It just depends on what you would consider a benchmark for yourself.

      I have a GB4 and short pin Proof Hybrid that are the middle of my bag

    2. Scorpion and GB4 are good benchmark/middle of the bag pieces. Or if you want something a little more smooth the Web Tour Hybrid wouldn’t be bad. What do you look for in a benchmark?

  1. Okay.. Gold balls have always been high sellers: Gold Rhino Pro, Columbia Pearl Quake, Ebonite Optyx, IQ Tour Pearl, the very rare Gold Taboo, and the Black Widow Gold. My problem is that just when I think I’ve solidified my bag, along comes something else I could use. I’m good on solid asymmetricals, so I’ll be a pass on the Infamous, though it does look good. But that Obsession Pearl.. Pearl Control? That screams complimentary to a GB4 or Web Tour Hybrid. Now I may have to put together a tournament bag, as GB4, Web Tour, Obsession Pearl, and a urethane would scream in that bag.

    Gold already had me sold. Layout on that? My pin-up layout would be too angular, as I’d lose the control factor in it (plus it would clash with my Pearl Widow), so I’d either compliment my Web Tour Hybrid at 60×4.5×35 or possibly my GB4 so it can be more continuous, at 60×4.5×75, or even a sweet spot in between to get the best of both of those layouts, plus control.

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