NEW Bowling Ball Review! Storm !Q Tour Ruby!

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The all new Storm !Q Tour Ruby is finally here! This combo of core and cover has been a match made in heaven! Hope you guys enjoy the video!

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44 Comments on “NEW Bowling Ball Review! Storm !Q Tour Ruby!”

  1. Very balanced review – Like how you acknowledge the hype, but don’t go deep into it. It’s perfectly ok to like a ball series that works for you – Thanks

  2. Great review… I see it looks like you’re aiming at 15 but what do you aim at down lane? Or what are you aiming at period, front and back of the lane? I’m having trouble with hitting my targets consistently

  3. “Money-licious” 😂😂😂
    Ball looks great another good review! Would love to see it against a Phaze 4 or 5 since the covers are the same… wanna see how the core makes the Ruby different. I think so far the Revenant is the cleanest through the front so a comparison with that might be interesting.

  4. Absolutely hilarious how you were trying to ignore the fact that he was standing behind you all on camera. 😂😂😂 Job well done.

    1. @Luis Napoles just looked like he was interested in what you were saying. Looked like he agreed with the !Qs being consistently good and reliable! That being said idk what you coulda cut out 😂

  5. Great review – would love to see you compare this to the Hyroad Pearl and the Hustle Wine. My thought process is Phase 2 at the top of my bag, Ruby or Hyroad Pearl, and then the Hustle Wine at the bottom of my bag.

  6. Every review I’ve seen of this ball it’s looked like money. It fits so many styles. I already had an emerald and loved it so this is a no brainer

  7. I’m in a league currently that gets us a ball at the end. Originally it was supposed to get everyone a Hyroad, but they’re letting us pick the your choice balls. Not sure if we can still get the Hyroad, but the other options are the Infinite Physix, the Idol Cosmos, and the Zen Soul. I’m leaning toward the physix since I already have the cosmos since I think it’d be a good fit in between my reality and cosmos. But I also kinda want the Hyroad if possible. Any thoughts?

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