5 Comments on “NEW Bowling Ball in league! Week 5 livestream!”

  1. Cool video talk tech bowling bowling league team how did you bowl all 3 bowling games your series score and did your bowling league team win all 3 bowling games Luis napples

  2. That’s a aggressive league when you’re trying to take out the competition. (Crack them in the head and all) 😂

  3. Ugg i simply do not like the gem line. I don’t know what it is about that ball. I saw a video on the new DNA Coil. OMG i want it so bad. Same super core as the DNA. EXO pearl coverstock. comes with reactagloss (eh). 2.47 rg, .053 diff, .023 asym diff. this is going to be a snappy ball down lane. I love the DNA. So i need to get my hands on this one. I might retire my physics but they have different shapes to them.

  4. Luis you guys fell little short but you accounted yourselves very well against that team. 👉 Can’t wait for the rematch.

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