My Three FAVORITE Bowling Balls Right Now!!

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The Motiv Jackal Legacy, Venom Shock and the Desert Tank are my three favorite balls right now!! They NEVER leave the tournament bag and I take them to league every week!! Hope you all find this video informative!! The Purple Tank video should be dropping SOOOOOOON!

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42 Comments on “My Three FAVORITE Bowling Balls Right Now!!”

  1. I’m loving my Desert Tank…thanks to you I’ve got and love it! In my bag now is Alpha, Fatal and Desert👍

  2. Great video, I always like watching your videos. I go the Flare, Shock, Covert Tank and my Spare ball for house leagues. I got the Nemesis and Villain for Tournaments to make a 6 balls bag.

    1. @MotivLou I finally got my PAP figured out. (5 7/8 over and 1 1/8 up.) I went to another PSO who helped me. I used the Covert Tank at the time. Do you think I should of used reactive ball instead.

  3. In my bag I have rogue assassin, rip cord, and Supra…looking to get that fatal venom and desert tank soon 🙂

  4. Just went on the lanes yesterday to try out my new Legacy. I need work on that one, as I’m still working on my revs to really utilize it but I liked it.

    The Desert Tank on the other hand, I feel you. That one seems to fit my game more. I tend to run around the same spot on the lanes as you’ve thrown 22 and 2.

  5. Between the Legacy and sniper, I threw my first 700 series this weekend. Love the Legacy. I’m still debating getting a Shock for a step down when the lanes dry too much for the Jackal.

  6. Really enjoyed this video. If I had to say what my favorite ball is I would probably say the Tank Blitz. I have also liked what I’ve seen of the Desert Tank in your videos. I’ve really been considering picking up the Desert Tank soon.

  7. I have two of those! Venom Shock and the Desert Tank! I shot 746 with the venom at city tournament last weekend but that tank is 🔥🔥🔥! Threw that 853 with it in January!

  8. So, should I get the new Purple Tank or the Desert Tank? Can you do a review on those please? Which one should I get LOL, I’m lost!

    1. The Legacy is much stronger than the Shock. The Shock shapes much more than the legacy though. When measuring ”hook” we measure front to back not left to right. If there was enough oil on the lanes the Legacy would out hook the shock by a considerable margin!

  9. In my bag I have the Fatal venom, Desert Tank, motiv hydra… I have the venom shock. Wasn’t a big fan of it. The desert tank is number 1 me.. I’m gone revisit the venom shock.

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