My FAVORITE Shots Of 2021 On My Channel | Best Of 2021 | Year In Review!

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2021 was a very interesting year to say the least! So in this video we are taking a look at some of my best shots throughout the year from all the different brands that I threw this year! Some of the brands featured are Storm, Roto Grip, 900 Global, Motiv, Brunswick, Hammer, Columbia 300, Big Bowling and Radical!

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6 Comments on “My FAVORITE Shots Of 2021 On My Channel | Best Of 2021 | Year In Review!”

  1. At the beginning of the video I was wondering what I was going to get (learn) from it watching you throw your favorite shots . Then I realized there was value in seeing the various shapes and how they differ or are similar one after another all together in one video. I don’t know if that was your intent, but it worked for me. Good Job!

  2. Top 3 balls of 2021

    1. Brunswick Quantum Evo Pearl
    2. 900 Global Wolverine
    3. Roto Grip Hustle Camo

  3. My favorite ball of 2021 (while not a 2021 release, but it was a new ball to me) was by FAR the 900 Global HB Revival! It’s rolled so well for me on like 5 different house conditions and 2 different sport ones (and a 297 on one of the 2017 OC Patterns) it just seems to at some point match up to EVERY lane condition, sometimes earlier than others, but man when it’s Revival time I don’t even consider having anything else in my hands. It also just strikes… like even if it doesn’t quite read the lane or enter the pocket the right way it just finds a way to knock em down more often than a vast majority of balls.

    Definitely my favorite piece I’ve drilled in the last 2 years, and for sure a top 5 and maybe a top 3 ALL time

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