My FAVORITE Pearl Bowling Ball On The Motiv Ball Chart!

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In this video I am showcasing my three favorite pearl bowling balls on the Motiv ball chart! The Trident Nemesis, Fatal Venom and Supra are some of my favorite pearls of all time!!

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55 Comments on “My FAVORITE Pearl Bowling Ball On The Motiv Ball Chart!”

    1. Flash is honestly sooooooo good but I feel like especially more recently the Nemesis is just way more versatile!!

    2. @MotivLou yeah I get you it looks really good 😌 I miss my abyss. I still have it but it’s got like 700 games on it (not an exaggeration) so it just doesn’t react like it used to. I remember when it came out it would hit friction on the heaviest freshest oil patterns and now it may as well be a plastic 😂 interested to see the new horizon with the hybrid cover stock.

    3. Louis i took my nemesis to 3000. The reaction was what i wanted. It seems to read the middle of the lane better. I feel like it is a good step down from the flare/fire now! Im using my tank blitz as my benchmark but i dont have a step down from it with a pearl. Any suggestion?? Help??

    4. @Mark Lindsay if you want a step down pearl then go with the Supra or fatal venom (Supra for more angularity fatal for a smoother roll).

    5. @Mark Lindsay if I was you I’d look into the desert tank if you want a similar shape just less ball Overall, additionally I would look into the Fatal Venom as a great step down Pearl from the Blitz since it has the same core

  1. I have the Supra, but I must be using it at the wrong time and Lane conditions because it hasn’t worked well for me, not hooking as I move left.

  2. I have all three of them. The Trident Nemesis is my least favorite. I really like the Supra with the out box surface. I like the Fatal too with shine knock off of it. For the Nemesis, did you put the 3000 surface on it by hand or spinner? I have a spinner still trying to learning how to resurface a bowling ball properly.

    1. I almost always do the surface my hand! I can teach you how to re surface balls on a spinner! Check out my Patreon I can work with you on that on discord!

  3. I gotta say man I enjoy your videos but not nearly as much as I used to. Your older videos I absolutely loved because it showed multiple shots in one video where as now it’s like jr Raymond’s reviews and I can’t stand that guys channel. It’s not that I don’t like the guy or how he bowls. I just hate how he does his videos I think they suck. And I’m not saying your videos suck by no means in fact I think your videos are still better than his because you sound confident in your product where as he is a pso and doesn’t have that knowledge like you do with your certain brand. He still has knowledge and knows and understands ball motion and hand positions and stuff but he doesn’t know the technology and how it performs like you do Lou. Just keep in mind about doing a video with the commentary and hundreds of shots being shown 😍😍. I love that. The good shots and the bad, doesn’t matter I watch bowling videos for ball motion, nothing more nothing less. This comment is not meant to bring you down Lou in the end you run your channel the way you feel you need to run it. I’m just giving you my opinion and my 2 cents that is all. Have a great day sir and stay MOTIVATED

    1. I like looking at other reviewer’s videos that aren’t staffers. You get more of an unbiased take on the equipment. JR does play the balls all over the lane so you see what it can do. I like seeing that and I also like the commentary like Luis and Tamer Bowling gives. I don’t like the videos where is just the shots. Give me some insight, opinions and suggestions. That’s just what I like to see.

    2. @James de la Cruz I agree but I like seeing lots of shots being thrown, with that format you might get 10 shots if that in a whole video. I can’t see ball consistency with just 10 shots. Versatility maybe but consistency no. This is why I love luke rosdahls videos. Commentary videos that show ball versatility and consistency. He also talks about its purpose in the production line and what the ball is designed to do along with the technical side of it as well which I love. You and I just have different opinions Is all.

  4. I love the trident series, the trident quest was my favorite by far, i have the nemesis and im debating on the horizion

  5. Sorry bro, I roll with Storm, but came across your vids and love them. Very knowledgeable! If I did move from Storm, I would switch to Motiv. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You should check motiv out. Their urethane and poly covers are next to none. Motiv easily makes the best of the best when it comes to non resin. Then their reactive balls are good too. I use like 4 different companies(storm, hammer, 900g, motiv) and it stepped the game up

    2. @Stomping Peak I used to use other brands as well. I just always went back to Storm as my go to. That purple tank or desert tank do look appealing though.

  6. Love my Nemesis. I think after the “slow hook” with the Nemesis if you had kept yout feet at 35 but pulled the breakpoint in and gotten your speed back up it would’ve been a solid shot! Super versatile ball 🙂

  7. I feel like this was one of your best vids to date! You showed off not only 3 amazing motiv products but demonstrated their pros and cons and showed their versatility on both fresh and transition. If there is a check list of what could be included in a video, i cant think of anything you missed.

  8. I only have the fatal. The polish makes it really jump hard off the pattern. I’m going to try 2k or 3k on it.

  9. Would the Nemesis make a good step down from a Jackal Ghost, my brother has a lot of interest in a Trident and loves the way the Nemesis looks.

    1. I would say yes! The ghost is a asym solid that shapes more than the other solids we have to transitioning into the Nemesis would be a great choice!

  10. I have the Trident Nemesis. Typically I roll into league w/the Jackal Legacy, Nemesis, and Desert tank.

    1. @MotivLou Motiv should be proud to have you. I always roll into my pro-shop wanting the new balls because of your reviews, LOL 🙂

  11. Do you think the Supra would be a good compliment to the Forge Fire? I currently have the Forge Fire and Venom Shock and use the Fire for league play primarily. Any help would be appreciated!

    1. The Supra would be a great ball in between the Shock and Fire! Definitely be the angular ball in that bag!

    2. @MotivLou thanks a lot! I definitely felt like something was missing. If i tried to switch after using the Fire to the Venom Shock. The Venom would read too fast and jump off the spot like you mentioned in your other videos. Trying to find that transition ball and this may be it. In general I’m speed dominant and the Motiv balls seem to work better for me. I’m transitioning from Storm bowling balls so any help would be appreciated. Love your videos and thanks again!

  12. I really appreciate you showing good shots and bad shots to show the adjustment needed. My biggest flaw is not knowing where to start in my arsenal (when I can actually pick a ball up) and where to go from there. Motiv is all I throw, and I can’t wait to be able to pick your brain.

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