My Favorite Comparison I Have Ever Done! Fate vs Revenant!

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My most requested comparison in a long long time has been the Fate vs the Revenant! Well here it is and it did not disappoint!

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42 Comments on “My Favorite Comparison I Have Ever Done! Fate vs Revenant!”

  1. Since I tend to bowl from straighter, I like the Revenant better. But they are really different balls. Where I bowl, the don’t put a lot of oil down.

  2. Fate has been a very welcome addition to my bag. Decided to run the Belmo Troll Bag last week, Pro-motion, Trend 1, Fate, Gold Spare. Actually did decent, shot 570 after a near month break.

    1. @Luis Napoles  I wish I could use my pro motion more, but she’s showing her age a lot. If I can find another, I would buy it today. Was actually my first ball, now 13 more on top of that, and she never sees the sun. 😭

  3. perfect comparison, making the fate look way better than i can make it look…cant justify the revenant but i think i may grab the absolute…thanks for doing what you do!

  4. I really enjoyed watching the revenant go down the lanes. Myself I would also like to see you do a video with the revenant and the Spector. Keep doing these videos they are entertaining and fun to wstch

  5. Luis, just a recommendation. As you do these head to head comparisons and get a better feel for a ball, could you comment on where these balls are compared to the current line in regards to side ways moves, step down, or step up, etc… Thank you sir.

  6. The Revenant looks like a Tropical Breeze compared to the Fate! Fate is so good.
    Really like the low camera view too, lets us really see the ball motion across the lane.

  7. Hyroad Pearl v Revenant coming soon hopefully 👍🏼 I’m thinking this is where both these balls might fit in my 5 ball league bag. Super Nova, Zen Soul, Phaze V,….???, and spare.

  8. I recently drilled a Hyroad to the 2LS layout of 2x6x5 and it allows me to play ridiculously straight as a 2 handed bowler. It’ll be something I use after my Fate if needed. Love the Fate and glad I picked it up.

  9. The lower camera angle is a great addition to the filming. This is a very helpful review, and I like the concept of comparing two (or three) balls to each other, since that gives a valuable perspective on the differences. I actually think the 2-ball comparison is optimal. The Fate is a better ball. It will move farther left, and it will respond better when there’s more oil. Despite that, it still looks good when thrown in the dry. And I think it can be thrown longer, starting earlier in the transition, and continuing well left. Definitely Fate – good job, Belmo and the Storm team.

  10. Hey Luis how about comparing the revenant to the Spectre? I know they’re supposed to be the same but it would still be a video that some would like. Some say the colors affect the motion and that would definitely be something interesting to see.

  11. That lower camera angle is AWESOME. I feel like it gave me closer to a first-person view of the ball motion. 🤙

  12. Also, like many others, really looking forward to your Spectre vs. Revenant comparison. I LOVED the Spectre, and am seeing some variations on if it is a true replacement or not.

  13. I don’t have either of these balls yet, but fate is the next ball on my list as of right now. I don’t see me being able to use either the revenant or the absolute very often, so not real interested in either of those.

  14. Really enjoyed this video! IF I were to get another ball, I feel the Revenant… I’m not a cranker, but I tend to finish way left and if the Revenant is less hook, it’s for me…

  15. I do like the lower camera angle. It’s gives a good view of the shape the ball creates. Why don’t I have the fate yet? That’s the real question here. The cover core combo of the fate was genius.

  16. would it be possible to get a video on how the surface can affect ( for example ) the fate? it doesn’t have to be the fate ofc but it’d be nice to see how surface would affect these balls

  17. I have both of these in the bag, but the layout on mine are totally different. I start w Fate and switch to Revenant when it transitions a bit… My thursday night league has been playing a little dry the last 2 weeks since I got the Revenant and I’ve thrown it all 3 games and had 728 and 714

  18. Liked your comparison Luis! Looks to me like the Fate is a decent amount stronger than the Revenant, so I would be inclined to buy the Fate first, because I don’t bowl in a super high friction house.

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