My FAVORITE Bowling Ball Of 2023 Just Got A Pearl Version! Xponent vs Xponent Pearl

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Comparing the 900 Global Xponent and the Xponent Pearl

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10 Comments on “My FAVORITE Bowling Ball Of 2023 Just Got A Pearl Version! Xponent vs Xponent Pearl”

  1. Cool video talk tech bowling ball 900 global exponent pearl bowling ball with nano technology in the bowling ball more strike and spares hitting power at time Luis napples

  2. I don’t know who tell you the second camera in every single shot was a good idea.. no fun of that view

    1. He more than likely filmed multiple vids on the same day, which is why they all look like that. I imagine he’ll go back to what he used to in thr next couple vids

  3. ​Got my XPonent Pearl last week and it’s been an AMAZING ball! Bowled my personal high series with it the other night for a 724 (scratch). It was a fantastic night!

  4. It’s funny, because my main issue with my Xponent is that with it being a solid, a lot of the time it reads too early. When it works, it WORKS. but I’ll end up going high with it more than it being too smooth and not reading. Just goes to show that every bowler isn’t the same, as you would go to the Xponent Pearl after the Solid, whereas I would go to a Hustle Wine or even a Hyped Pearl to help it get through the fronts better

  5. Sorry to say. When watching your ball review, you’ve gone to two camera shots. There’s no need to see your head first of all. I’d be more interested in seeing where the ball gets laid down on the lane and then to see where your rolling the ball over the dots and arrows as well as later down at the range finders. Each bowler may have different offsets from what you have from where you stand and where the ball gets rolled. Thanks… for all the work you put into your posts…

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