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  1. Hi I am a new subscriber I was wonder what you think of the current arsenal I’m using using a nova as my heavy volume, exotic gem and rip cord launch venom shock black venom and a white dot. I typically leave the nova home because never enough oil to use that. I usually start with the black venom which is pin down then go to the shock finish with the ripcord

    1. As long as it’s working, it sounds good to me. On paper there’s a little overlap but if you are progressing through them logically and scoring alright, it’s all good.

    2. @TamerBowling so I’m assuming the overlap is venom shock/black venom and the ripcord/gem my black venom is drill pin down and less angular the ripcord only thrown maybe five to 8 frames but hooks less than the gem I was considering a jackel ghost to replace the nova or the ambush the proshop is a motive staffer so typically recommends motiv equipment the other thing I was thinking to fill the bottom end was a thrill Supra really hooks when I tried it at a demo day also considered a Hyroad at the bottom end of the bag

    3. @Johnyes you’re spot on imo. Sounds like you are managing it just fine. I expect the exotic to be less than the launch but in a similar window. So if it’s enough of a step down, then keep it. Or switch it out for the Supra. Then you could add a thrill for the weakest ball.

  2. I’ve got a Tank bag with the Carbide, Purple and Desert. I’m on the fence about adding it to my arsenal. I’m a lefty also.

    1. That’s a tough call. It’s gonna be a little bigger than the purple but is it enough to bother adding? Maybe if you’re purple is old enough.

    2. Same (minus the lefty), but my bag-S are Purple, Blitz, Carbide, Covert, Desert, and Blue. All are different enough surface and layout wise to serve a purpose. I’m wanting this one probably as a “Just because, keep the streak alive” situation. I just need to find a reason/layout for it before I pull the trigger.

    1. Hoping I can get going again within a month. Been doing pt for the last 2 months on my torn bicep.

    2. @TamerBowling Dang! I thought it was still your hip keeping you down. Bummer. Hope you get well.

  3. Being a lefty I miss the 3 tester reviews. I’ve been a Brunswick Family ball thrower for quite a few years, and I have a son with down syndrome who loves The Lion King movie. So for last Christmas I received the Motiv Pride solid and WOW what a sweet ball at least for this lefty. So I’m becoming Motiv curious and this Yellowjacket Tank looks quite intriguing. Thanks again Tamer as per usual awesome reviews.

    1. Nice and thanks. Hopefully I’ll be back soon and I can get caught up on the recent balls I wasn’t able to test yet.

  4. Blue was pretty damn strong for me OOB but it tamed down a lot and became a 7-8 board killer. Nice to know there’s an option now for when I need to move in but keep the same shape

    1. Yeah they are all pretty strong out of the box but this will settle as you say a step up from the blue.

  5. So are we just not touching or reviewing and Brunswick balls ? Hammers/ c300/ track / ebonite and the like ?

    1. @TamerBowling oh that’s a bummer sorry to hear that . I still roll there balls but love your content . Keep up the good stuff

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