Motiv VIP Vs Supra | In Depth Comparison

What's going on my YouTube fam?!? Today I have for y'all my in depth comparison between two of Motivs BEST symmetrical pearls the VIP and Supra!!

Let me know if you guys have any questions regarding the giveaway!!

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41 Comments on “Motiv VIP Vs Supra | In Depth Comparison”

    1. Bowlingenius I hope not lol I didn’t love the cover of the covert tank. Now if they did that core with the cover of the desert!! That would be the daddy ball

  1. I throw primal rage (original) venom shock solid and venom panic. I need a few new ones. I’m really looking forward to VIP

  2. I would like to see the Gear core on different coverstock, i had the GT1, and it was my favorite for a long time

  3. Thanks Luis for another great video. I’ve recently gotten back into bowling (less than a year ago) and I’m a Motiv fan boy. I have a similar style of release to yours so these videos are invaluable to me. Great job!

  4. been taking bowling seriously for the past 5 months and just started using the alpha jackal and the jackal flash as a early hook/long shaped hook arsenal. My average before getting my own bowling balls was about a 120 with a house ball using 2 finger no thumb bowling style. Still the same style and my average has increased to the 160/180 range, all with no coach! Your videos helped me on seeing how the ball can shape as it goes down lane. Love the in depth comparison and go to for these kinds of reviews. GET MOTIVATED!

    1. Trandafir Ruby That’s AMAZING !!!! Keep up the good work and the scores will go through the roof !! Alpha and Flash is a GREAT 1-2 punch !!! #AlwaysMOTIVated

  5. I have the Jackal flash. Love love love that ball. But im thinking about getting the jackal ghost. Love ur videos MotivLou

  6. Luis, have you tried the Supra with the same surface prep as the VIP? I wonder if that would cause it to pick up a little earlier and make it pretty close to the VIP then.

    1. Wayne Ludwig it’s super close to the VIP ! I still have the vip just a tad earlier than the Supra with the same finish. Both balls are amazing in my opinion !

  7. The VIP reminds me of the versatility of the sigma sting. You’re right they got it right to have this cover stock in their bowling balls for a while

  8. Thanks Louis great video! This is the second video I have watched resulting in me picking up another ball! VIP and Desert Tank. Hitting the lanes tomorrow.

  9. i would combine the venom shock core with the jackal legacy cover, with that combination you would have something very similar to the iq tour solid

    1. The cover on the !Q Tour Solid is R2S so its DEF not as strong as the legacy cover BUT I do like the idea of a stronger cover Shock !

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