Motiv VIP ExJ Ball Review By Staffer Luis Napoles

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What's going on my YouTube fam?!? Today I have for you guys a ball review for EJ Tacketts first signature ball. Let me tell you its a BANGER!! I have always been a HUGE HUGE fan of the Quadfire core and I'm so happy it has been brought back!! - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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49 Comments on “Motiv VIP ExJ Ball Review By Staffer Luis Napoles”

  1. Dang… Motiv is treading in new waters. I’m almost tempted to say that this Infusion Pearl cover stock is the R2S Pearl of Motiv.

    1. Jeff Clark Dude you’re not the first one to mention that out loud. They finally found a pearl formula that is clean, shapes and doesn’t miss the breakpoint !!

  2. I was wondering if you were going to throw the Octane Burn in there, its currently sitting on my shelf and I was thinking about pulling it out, and resurfacing it.

    1. Mystic Leaf it’s not a bad ball when there’s a ton of friction it’s a ball that I tend to lean on from time to time. But now with the vip I Can finally retire it haha poor ball has a ton of games on it haha

    2. Mystic Leaf I just wish the vip wasn’t a limited edition ball. I know I keep saying that but dam it’s a good one lol

  3. Great review on the VIP the ball looks amazing going down lane and finishes well. I have the T10 and it has won me money and on wood lanes its deadly. Keep up the good work Always Motivated!

    1. Fred Baldwin I appreciate that! Yea the t10 was another really good one!! I will absolutely keep trying to put out as much good content as possible !

    1. AnDrew Lee oooof I would say not even close this ball will be more ball overall and way more angular. The VSP was way toooo clean and had a tendency to miss the break point and the Cobra for me was allergic to oil lol

  4. Then order more balls LOL! I have already ordered 3 VIPs after only seeing video from JR Raymond. The QZ1 (Quadfire) core is my favorite and so I knew right away this ball would be one that I would want to drill at least 3 different ways. Go get you some more buddy LOL!

    1. David Goes Bowling oh I’m 1000000% going to have to get at least 1 or 2 more and stash them. Quadfire core is in my top 3 favorite cores ever

    2. @MotivLou I can’t even stash them LOL…I’m drilling all 3 once they arrive! I’m going to use the same layouts that I used on my QZs in the past that worked out perfectly on med/dry conditions and even when I had to get deep on longer patterns once a hook spot was created. I’m thinking this VIP is going to be money like the days of old LOL!

  5. I have high speed and high revs and also have issues with the Supra sometimes blowing past break point. VIP looks like it can replace both my Supra and Physix. Flash, VIP, Desert Tank, and Blitz is looking like possibly a good line up for me.

    1. ARES I seriously can’t believe how good the last 3 releases have been in the VIP Flash Desert. If this is an indication of what’s to come I’m blown away !

    1. Alexander Worschech Hi Alex, yes the octane burn is a much older ball. Compared the Supra as stated in the video will be earlier and more angular than the Supra.

  6. Well done review Luis. I really appreciate how you compared it to the other pearls. Im very curious to see how the VIP will react to surface changes

  7. Pre-ordered last night. My PSO had one in league last night and rolled a 289 last game. Fu!?,@$ ten pin. It looked smooth, controllable, and hard rolling. I have a Supra so I’m excited to compare for myself on lane.

    1. Nick Smith Always the freaking ten pin !!! I hope you like it !! Like I said in the video it’s completely replaced the Supra in the bag ! Just sucks it’s a limited edition

  8. Lou I will say this ball reminds me a lot of the Purple QZ1 with the shape I’m seeing in your video. That’s why I ordered 3 from the start. Every ball that has had the quadfire core from the QZ line, to Thrash Frenzy, to Octane Burn even I’ve had success with. If they put that core in a big ball like the Abyss, I think I’d buy it just because LOL. But to speak to your point, I’m very used to seeing the angle from that core down lane and have always loved the shape it gives me.

    1. David Goes Bowling for me it reminds me a lot of the original Octane and the QZ2 backdraft. I’m very sad that it’s only limited edition ! I have matched up with every ball that has the Quadfire core in it !

  9. Since this is a limited edition, is there any word from motiv that there’s a ball that will be like the mvp coming for the lineup?

  10. Already pre ordered mine from bowlerx because of what they are doing for epilepsy. Also, I am no longer a part of the 75% of your views, good work.

    1. Erick Lownsberry I think it’s awesome what they are doing!! I SUPER appreciate you jumping out of the 75% means a lot !!! Trying to put out better and better content !

    1. On the VIP I replicated the box finish before drilling it and I currently keep it 3-4K with lane shine. It doesn’t see much lane play for me anymore since the fatal came out. My game really likes the lower RG core in the fatal but the vip is still a GREAT ball !

  11. How well does the vip control the midlane? And is it able to handle heavier volume if necessary? @MotivLou

    1. On the heavier volumes it’s not ideal since the RG is so high. If you wanted something for the higher volumes I would suggest the Fatal with Surface or the Flash also with some surface

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