Motiv VIP Affliction vs Trident Horizon | Battle of the Hybrids!!

This is the ultimate test of the bigger performance hybrids! Which one will be on top? Only you can decide!

9 Comments on “Motiv VIP Affliction vs Trident Horizon | Battle of the Hybrids!!”

  1. Very nice comparison. These recent motiv’s aggressive shapes don’t match up so well to my game personally (I prefer rounder low-rg stuff) but damn they fit your game like bread and butter, it’s fun to watch.

  2. Were they both drilled the exact same? I know it makes a difference buddy. Nice to actually see your face again. Mask mandates done in Nevada?

  3. Everything that I have seen about the horizon I’m just not impressed but already have my affliction pre-ordered can’t wait!

  4. Every thing that I have seen about the Horizon is that it seems too clean up front. I dont know if a surface change or a different layout would help it shine. Just my 2 cents

  5. The VIP is clearly more aggressive. I feel these would work well in the same bag, hence why I have both on their way to me including the Raptor Altitude as well, which I am looking forward to comparing to the VIP.

  6. I get I’m asking a dumb question that you don’t have any answer for but any idea when MOTIV will be releasing its next ball. Waiting for something in that mid category to replace the Ripcord and the original VIP

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