Motiv VIP Affliction vs Jackal Legacy | In Depth Comparison!

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These heavy oil balls make for a GREAT one two punch! The Motiv VIP Affliction and the Jackal Legacy are two of my favorite balls in the current line! This comparison is a true clash of titans!
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20 Comments on “Motiv VIP Affliction vs Jackal Legacy | In Depth Comparison!”

  1. MINT!!! lol your killing it as always Lou, liking the looks of the VIP, even with the sticky approach.

  2. Well from your reviews I bought the forge flare,Jackal Flash, and Fatal Venom…which has been an awesome 3 ball arsenal. But now,I might have to get the legacy now.

  3. Zone 3 with the Affliction. You need to throw it a few more boards out brother. It looked a little left down lane.

  4. Both balls looked good, I feel like it’s the bowlers preference on reaction they like best. Always enjoy your videos. Keep up the awesome job

  5. Recently I have purchased all the tanks ( except the Desert…yet), I will be honest in the past I have never liked any Motiv balls except the OG Shock, but I felt that I might have rushed to judgement, so now I am giving Motiv another look. I like both balls; a lot! Thanks Lou, for inspiring me to try the brand again, without built-in reservations.

  6. The Affliction is the most versatile. No way the Legacy survives right of board 20 without ample oil.

  7. Your comparison videos have made my mind up, I’m preordering it. I would like a comparison with the fire though. I like that shape better than the legacy, from the new VIP.

  8. Keep up the good work Lou. I have the VIP preordered but I don’t think I am going to drill it, to strong for my local house shot.

  9. Hey man love your videos they’re great, and I can’t wait for later today Bc I finally get a desert tank and I can’t wait to throw it Bc of how good you make it look

  10. My new Affliction is on order, can’t wait to see a surface change video for the Affliction.

  11. Ok, Lou!! What you know about that Natalie Cole? 😉 Love it and great comparison/content yet again.

  12. I have a Legacy and I’m loving it! Out of the box I couldn’t get it through the heads real clean but as I’ve gotten some lane shine it I’m falling love. It’s clearing the heads nice and finishing strong but I know if I run into some heavy oil I can put a little surface on it and it’ll dig through it. It’s my first Jackal and probably not my last! 🙂

  13. Hey is there anyway you could do a more higher revved player throwing a ball like the desert tank… I have a lot of revs and need more of a down and in ball…

  14. Dude, you look like you’re throwing the ball really well. Looks like you do what I do in set up. Turn your hand and point your fore finger straight. I know you were kind of working on going up the back of the ball. Anyway that’s what I noticed.

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