Motiv VIP Affliction Vs Forge Fire | Battle Of The Symmetrical Hybrids!

We are comparing the Motiv VIP Affliction and the Forge Fire! The only two symmetrical hybrids in the current line! I was BLOWN away by the Forge Fire!

16 Comments on “Motiv VIP Affliction Vs Forge Fire | Battle Of The Symmetrical Hybrids!”

  1. I would like to see all 3 hybrids compared to each other. I just got the horizon and am very excited about the ball.

  2. Versatility test was really close for both, but rounder shapes tend to be less sensitive to carrydown and soft backends. I THINK the fire is more versatile but Affliction definitely will have more striking power on more defined backends. So all depends on what you usually bowl on

  3. The Forge Fire is the #1 ball out of my bag. Would love to see all 3 thrown for a comparison. Trying to find a compliment to my Fire. I am thinking of getting the Horizon

  4. I dont have a hybrid right now, and if i were to get one of the 3, which should i get? I don’t usually need a ball that covers 80,000 boards, so probably not the fire, but i could be wrong

  5. Lou, I’m trying to create a motiv arsenal, I already have my venom shock, what others should I pick up?

  6. Honestly I like both balls! And I currently have a Ford fire and you are right Lou …… Sometimes the Forge does seem a little slow and clunky getting down the lane. From what the video showed the VIP is much smoother. But In the versatility category I would have to give it to the fire ! Can’t wait to get my VIP so I can compare myself

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