Motiv VIP Affliction Ball Review By Staffer Luis Napoles | First Impressions

This all new Motiv VIP Affliction is already one of the best hybrids I have ever thrown! I am really sad that this is a limited edition ball! This ball has some MASSIVE potential and you'll def want to pre order this one!


19 Comments on “Motiv VIP Affliction Ball Review By Staffer Luis Napoles | First Impressions”

  1. Looks amazing! Do you think you could do a comparison between this and the Forge Fire?

  2. For me it’s gotten to the point where I like the vid before I watch! This ball looks awesome, great vid man.

  3. You know I have it on the way! I cant wait till its in my hands. Probably going to drill it pin up as usual, ill need to figure out how I want it drilled though.

  4. After watching and finally seeing a in-depth review. I’ve decided I’m getting mine tonight. Already talked to my driller.

  5. I’m pretty sure they only brought this core because of the hype you had on the Raptor Altitude. Glad to see that motiv pays attention to their staffers

  6. Can’t wait for my ball to get here.. thanks for the awesome reviews and I’ll be in Vegas bowling at sunset station for a tournament in October .. hope to meet you ..aloha 🤙🏾

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