Motiv Venom Shock vs Venom Recoil | In Depth Comparison

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What's going on my YouTube fam?!? Today I have an in depth comparison between an absolute legend in the Venom Shock and its "big" brother the Venom Recoil !! Both of these balls are special in their own way but does the Recoil have what it takes to have the Venom name attached to it?!? @bowlmotiv is hitting absolute homeruns with the releases and look out for the Fatal Venom and Forge Flare coming soon!!

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44 Comments on “Motiv Venom Shock vs Venom Recoil | In Depth Comparison”

    1. Jared Drake / yea I think he can make anything look real good, lol better than us. lol. I like AJ is is a great bowler

  1. I love my Venom Recoil, I’m a 160 average left handed bowler. I thew a 206 and a 210 with it tonight.

  2. Thank you for revisiting the Recoil. One thing I didn’t have in my bag was an asym. Once the Recoil came out, I had to have it.

  3. Recoil was my first Motiv ball and why I fell in love with the brand. I still haven’t own the Shock. This review makes me reconsider getting a shock

  4. The Recoil is a bomb 💣. I love, what I like to call, the “forward rolling continuation”. I have high axis rotation and this ball helps me control the pocket on the wet dry.

  5. I love the venom series very under rated ball I remember when I had the toxin and panic almost shot 300 with both of them I bought the shock two weeks ago love the ball very readable I basically call this ball motiv hyroad like storm venom ball should stay in every one bag very dependable ball.

  6. What’s up Luis,
    That’s exactly what I needed to know about the “Venom Shock”.
    The bowling Center in my area (Ca.) just got the ok to open up the bowling businesses again on Nov 1, 2020 – so now I will get the chance to roll the 3 balls that I couldn’t before, because of Covid19 😒 – “The Jackal Alpha”, The Forge Fire” & “The Venom Shock”.

  7. I had a recoil I thought it was the most inconsistent ball I have ever thrown. I’m a high rev bowler and still looking for a ball for me.

  8. I have both, I really enjoy going from the shock on fresh down to the recoil for game 3 and lets me throw the same line and not worry about changing too much on my throw.

    1. I actually just drilled a new Shock a few days ago. I went 4.5×20. I’m not a huge fan of short pin layouts. They haven’t matched my game very well.

    2. @MotivLou how come, I was interested to hear if a short pin shock would be less responsive off the dry so more like the poison

  9. There are balls that do many things great, and there are balls that are the best at 1 thing. This ball is one of the later. Every motiv staffer is throwing it on the short animal patterns and is just a necessary ball if one doesn’t want to or cannot throw urethane on short. Truly an underrated ball.

  10. I just picked up the venom shock as was curious to see what ball best compliments the shock the best like kind of a secondary ball

    1. If you’re looking for a “go to” ball after the Shock I would look into the Fatal Venom! It has the same core but a Pearl cover so it’ll have a similar motion as the Shock just a little longer and a little more angular!

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