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  1. Love your comments about it being pretty angular, I always thought mine was angular and thought it was odd as a solid, stronger cover with a weaker core

  2. It’s hard to pinpoint for me… I was in a funk for a good few months… Tried this ball, that ball, pearls, Asyms… Had no consistentcy and felt like I had no control… Pulled my old Venom Shock off the shelf and shot my first 700 in years (190 avg house bowler)… My confidence with this ball is so high, it makes me understand ball motion again. It never feels like it punishes me for not being perfect… I recommend it to most anyone if they’re getting their first ball

    1. Its funny you say that. I went through something similar, went in to practice with my normal sunday guys and committed to keep it simple stupid with the venom shock and my pitch black. Absolutely steam rolled the guys i was bowling with every game with the shock, taking all the high game pots and card game pots. League tuesday, same idea but with the pitch black, 712 series after posting a 560 and 498 the first two weeks (carried 210 all summer at the same house) for someone learning to bowl or reset their release, the shock is definitely that ball. And i throw a lot if storm stuff

  3. I’ve noticed the same issue with the Track Latitude solid where it’s too much cover to play direct and not enough core to recover from deeper angles leaving soft corners unless my speed and rotation is up. Would it be fair to say the Venom Shock is a more angular Latitude solid?

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