Motiv Trident Horizon vs Trident Nemesis | In Depth Comparison

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Motiv Trident Horizon vs Trident Nemesis! Both of these have the Sidewinder core with two VERY different covers! Which cover matches up best with this high RG core?!?

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17 Comments on “Motiv Trident Horizon vs Trident Nemesis | In Depth Comparison”

  1. Pre-question – on the Turbo grip strips does it go Red (Slickest) to orange (coursest)? It appears so but I couldn’t find confirmation……..What’s your experience on the best ones for a thumb hole in terms of feel? I’ve had the black electrical-tape-esque ones before and they got too sticky and felt gummy almost immediately…

  2. sorry for the recent lack of interest. I’m just not a big fan of tridents after what happened to the abyss 🀷

    1. These Tridents have absolutely nothing to do with the old tridents except for the name. The cores are WILDLY different! Definitely take a look at them!

    2. @MotivLou I get that but still I just don’t have the money for a new ball. And you have this way of selling balls without even being a salesman πŸ˜‚

  3. I couldn’t tell, but what was the layout of that Horizon? Pin up or down?

    I have my Nemesis as a 40x4x40. I’m rev dominant @375 and 14mph, so trying to determine my layout on that Horizon when it lands on my doorstep..

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