Motiv Trident Horizon vs Jackal Flash | In Depth Comparison

The Motiv Jackal Flash is one of my favorite pearls maybe ever! In this video we will see how it compares to the all new Motiv Trident Horizon!


15 Comments on “Motiv Trident Horizon vs Jackal Flash | In Depth Comparison”

  1. I used to drift aswell, I was always trying to fix it and finally I found that tilting my feet 40 degrees to the right was somewhat helpful in fixing it. Maybe you could give it a try if you don’t like your drift?

    1. I neither like nor dislike my drift if that makes sense lol just want them to be consistent you know

  2. I have the Flash and excel at zone 3. I need to improve on zone 2 with the flash. My teammate is ordering the Horizon and he excels at zones 1-2. Both balls seem to really suit both our games. Been waiting on this review of these balls.

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