Motiv Trident Horizon Ball Review By Staffer Luis Napoles | First Impressions

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The Motiv Trident Nemesis was an extremely underrated bowling ball and this Trident Horizon is THAT much better! This is going to be a release that you don't want to sleep on! This High Rg medium high Diff paired with the all new Coercion MXC Hybrid is a match made in heaven! This is a bowling ball that I plan on having in my bag for a long time!!

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27 Comments on “Motiv Trident Horizon Ball Review By Staffer Luis Napoles | First Impressions”

  1. I love the pin up/pin down comparisons from each zone. Ball looks terrific and your video quality and content is top notch.

  2. I would like to see it compared to the Rip Cord Flight. I know it’s a different animal but, the number are really close to each other and their shapes it think are similar pin up to pin up.

  3. I already preordered this ball and was planning a pin down layout for it. But your pin up reaction really looks nice to my eye. Good thing I have a little while till the release

  4. Thank you. Great review. Particularly interested in seeing the Legacy, Flash and dare I ask Flare from that straighter angle.

  5. Two questions: Why does this look stronger than the alpha? And will it be too forward for a Andrew type thrower? Bc that is how the alpha Jackal feels to me and I’ve been thinking about replacing that in the bag with the forge flare

  6. This Ball Review Video is totally amazing.
    I love that you taking your Time speaking about differences between the Ball Pin Up and Pin Down.
    I not sure why but this Ball Review is one of the best you did so far! Thanks for this !!!
    I gonna get one when the Bowling Centers here in Germany finally reopens <3

    Thanks for this Video !!

    Greetings from Germany

  7. I pre ordered mine 3 days ago before I seen this video not sure about the layout yet probably going to match my forge flare great video

  8. Great vid! Pin down looked amazing for you.

    What is the current 4 ball league / tournament bag now?

  9. Thank you for showing the layouts! A lot of people do not do that.. and not everyone understands that 45 by 5 by whatever. But at least with a picture of the pin and mass bias if ASym, then at least we get an idea. Obviously I know rev rate, Tilt etc plays a role no one throws the same.. but it still helps too see the picture !

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