7 Comments on “Motiv Top Thrill vs Thrill | In Depth Comparison!”

  1. I’m gonna take advantage of being the first comment to ask when we will get another symmetrical solid??? I need something like like the T10 in my bag again! Lol I already have two shocks that I love but I want more

    1. I agree a t10 or villain needs to make a comeback to the medium oil line. They have hardly any balls in that line. Has to be coming very soon.

    2. @Kenneth Kohlhorst yes! The villain was awesome too. I really liked the original forge as well. Something along those lines needs to fill that gap

  2. The yellow and pink thrill was my first ball. I really like it so when it gets worn out, I may get a top thrill

  3. Great comparison brother! Im actually kind of excited for my Earth Top Thrill! I know there will be those times when the friction will be plenty on the lanes!

  4. Hi

    Whats the diffrence between this two Balls?

    And whats the best 6 Motiv Balls for Medium to dry lanes?

    Your friend alex from germany

  5. Is this the best Motiv have for the ultra dry? My local houses (all 3) only oil up thursdays for league. Outside of the radical spy, searching for something else for the light. Guess this is as good as it gets?

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