10 Comments on “Motiv Tank Rampage Pearl Bowling Ball Review – 3 Testers by TamerBowling.com”

    1. I will say it did look pretty good for Bryan but he’s not going out of his way to use urethane like balls on house.

  1. Good stuff Tamer! After seeing this I’m so glad I got the NU Blue Hammer for house. Can’t wait to see the comparison.

    1. Not sure if I’ll get the black hammer. Brunswick doesn’t partner with us so I have to be selective what I buy retail.

  2. This looks exactly like what my OG Rampage does when I take it to league. It’s awful on fresh, but after a bit of transition, I can pump it straight up 12-13 for the rest of the night. I’d be curious to see a higher rev player throwing this to accentuate the differences a bit more (if there are any to be seen, that is).

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