19 Comments on “Motiv Supra Rally vs Supra Enzo | 3 Styles”

  1. Appreciate you getting the video out so quick Tamer!

    Out of curiosity, how does this feel on the lane to you compared to the Fatal Venom? They have similar M.O.s, but the Fatal was always pretty lukewarm for me.

    1. The rally is way sharper downlane than the venom. Ideal mid late ball imo would be somewhere in between the 2 in terms of downlane response.

    2. @TamerBowling What you describe is exactly why I still cherish the OG Supra. I’ve always found the Ripcord line to be too much ball as the last in the bag for burn, the Fatal can often be very round and struggle from far inside, and the Top Thrill is too sensitive to lane conditions with not enough engine to blend things out in my opinion.

      I have the old Supra as the last ball in my progression because I’ve felt it slots perfectly in between everything mentioned. Very responsive to my hand; love it as a true mid-late shape.

    3. @Matthew Stoker I can totally see that and agree. And I think you have a very good grasp on the mid late ball at least how I feel I created the arsenal building concept. Some balls are sweet spot. Some are in there but aren’t smack dab which sometimes makes building the rest of the arsenal more tricky than necessary.

  2. How do you see the Supra Rally compared to the Top Thrill? The Top Thrill and Supra Rally are right next to each other on the ball chart. That comparison would have been good to see, I think.

    1. Rally is going to be a bit stronger and a bit more angular overall. Same use case but a bit of a step up.

    1. Ripcord launch is stronger and rolls a lot more forward. It also has a shape response but rolls a little more like an asym so stands up and rolls very forward through the pins.

  3. I really was looking forward for your review of this ball and reviewing it with comparisons is perfect. Love the shelf appeal on the Rally. Thanks Tamer!

    1. @Ezi0AuditoreDiFirenz if people can convince them to work with us that would be great. We used to work with ebi but after the acquisition b stopped.

  4. This looks interesting; but at this time, I don’t see this replacing my Top Thrill (Blue & Green). Especially sense in the third game of league. I just shot 279 with my Top Thrill.

  5. It seems like this one needs just a bit more core in it. The skid and friction response look good, but the core just doesn’t move the ball enough. I hope they try this cover out on a few other bigger cores to see what it can do.

    1. Their intent is a low volume high friction ball so putting a bigger core in there will somewhat take it out of that place. I just think it needs to be used on break down or pretty low volume conditions. I’m not a huge fan of changing cores with same name but Motiv has been doing it for a while.

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