Motiv Supra Enzo vs Ripcord Velocity | In Depth Comparison by Luis Napoles

This will be the only comparison I do to the Supra Enzo! Since I am a free agent now I want to take some time and throw some other brans! Hope y'all don't get tooooo mad at me! I got mad love for y'all!

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8 Comments on “Motiv Supra Enzo vs Ripcord Velocity | In Depth Comparison by Luis Napoles”

  1. Will it be StorminLou now?! GlobalLou?!? Looking forward to seeing how the future evolves for ya! 👍🏻. Best of luck, and keep the videos coming! 🍀👍🏻😎🎳🤘🏻✌🏻

  2. Great video brother! Im hoping some dont disagree with you on this versatility test. The Enzo looks fantastic! And I cant wait till mine shows up. But the Velocity performed well in all 3 zones. The Enzo crossed in zone 1! I know you can straighten your wrist a bit and throw up the ball a bit more and it would have been great, Norm Duke style, but not everyone does it. Keep it going bro! Im excited to see whats in store for the future Free Agent!

  3. no matter what is it, im still liking ur videos thanks for the review and versatility test.
    wish u all the best bro.

  4. Hi

    Whats the diffrence between this two Balls.

    And whats the better ball for Medium conditons?

    Your friend alex from germany

  5. Music to my ears!
    I was a bit bummed as I struggled with my Velocity on a fresh pattern, to maintain control as it jumped off the backend.
    Moved to a “transitioned” lane and OMG!!!! What an incredible difference as I pounded the pocket.
    Now I have confirmation this is exactly what is expected.
    Thank you for all you do good sir!

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