Motiv Supra Enzo Ball Review by Luis Napoles | My FINAL Motiv Ball Review As A Motiv Staffer!

As the title says this is the last Motiv ball review I am doing for the foreseeable future. I made the extremely tough decision to resign my staff position with Motiv Bowling. Going forward for now I will be a free agent and will be reviewing bowling balls from multiple brands. This isn't the end of my journey on YouTube! I decided to bet on me and I ask you guys to do the same! Trust me as much as I trust me! THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

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Ripcord Velocity:
Fatal Venom:
Jackal Flash:
Trident Nemesis:
Venom Shock:
Trident Horizon:
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UFO Alert:
Top Thrill Blue/Green:
Top Thrill Pink/Purple:

16 Comments on “Motiv Supra Enzo Ball Review by Luis Napoles | My FINAL Motiv Ball Review As A Motiv Staffer!”

  1. Zone 3 is Supra Good! Great review as always BigLou! Cant call you MotivLou anymore 🙁 but you still my Brother!

  2. I’m happy for you,You are one of the best bowling ball reviewers on YouTube. Now that you’re going to reviewing all products I don’t think it could get much better for a YouTube channel I’m glad you made this decision and can’t wait for the videos. Well done sir

  3. Awww man. I depend on you and JR Raymond for these Motiv reviews. Best wishes to you. I trust your journey. #follower

  4. I have seen multiple videos of your motiv reviews and thanks to them, I have built up a pretty sweet arsenal. Thank you sir for all the help.

  5. I’m excited for the future videos with free agent Lou. More bowling balls to use means more potential videos.

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