Motiv Ripcord Velocity vs Trident Nemesis | In Depth Comparison | Two GREAT Transitional Balls

In this video we are comparing two of my favorite go to balls in transition! The Ripcord Velocity and the Trident Nemesis!


Ripcord Velocity:
Fatal Venom:
Jackal Flash:
Trident Nemesis:

17 Comments on “Motiv Ripcord Velocity vs Trident Nemesis | In Depth Comparison | Two GREAT Transitional Balls”

  1. First.

    I really wish that the Raptor Altitude wasn’t limited edition. Would love to see the Velocity compared to it.

    Lou, do you still throw the Raptor Altitude?

    1. By the way. Nemesis wins the first zone. But the Velocity wins 2 and 3.

      As a Southpaw, I think the Velocity would get me out of trouble, if were to miss to the left.

    2. @Tongue Twista I am also a Southpaw and my comfort area is staying to the left not mowing to far right. I have the vip affliction and the jackel ghost. These balls sometimes are to big of balls when I stay left on a league shot but then when I mow right they don’t hook enough that’s on the league fresh oil shot. I’m thinking about putting polish on my jacket ghost with the out of box finish to see if I can stay left with it and get it down the lane farther before it hooks

  2. You know I always say something brother. And Yes, I 100% agree with you on Zone 2 Velocity. If you would have gotten it about 3 boards right down lane, it would have shredded the rack, 10 back. The Nemesis is smooth. But the Velocity wins the test! Great video as always!

  3. This would be interesting I think 2 big shape balls I’d like to see the velocity vs the forge flare

  4. I think the nemesis won the versatility test. I miss my nemesis (dropped to 14 from 15 and went IT from Turbo) and just ordered a velocity cause I keep supporting my PSO. I wish the top thrills came out sooner so I can get one for my daughter

  5. I think the Nemesis looked slightly better. I wonder how the Rip Cord velocity would look up against Forge Flare. Not sure if you did that one yet. Appreciate the videos and recording every shot helps when looking for a new ball. 7 out of 9 of my balls are Motiv.

  6. I’ve got the Nemesis, Horizon and the Supra. I’m not sure if I need another angular piece on the left side, still deciding. I want to see what they put out in the fall. I’m glad to see them finally putting stuff out in the medium oil line though.

  7. I am basing my decision from what I actually saw and not what should of been, so with that, the Nemesis wins hands down based on the data from this video

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