Motiv Ripcord Velocity vs Jackal Flash | In Depth Comparison Between Two Monster Pearls!

The Motiv Jackal Flash has been one of my absolute favorite pearls of all time! So how will it stack up vs the all new Ripcord Velocity?!?


Ripcord Velocity:
Jackal Flash:

11 Comments on “Motiv Ripcord Velocity vs Jackal Flash | In Depth Comparison Between Two Monster Pearls!”

  1. Great video as usual Lou. I would say the rip cord won the versatility test. It seemed to find its way thourgh the friction and through the oil very consistently. With just a little manipulation in release, it looks like this velocity will be able to do whatever you want it to do. Kind of like the Venom Shock (best symmetrical ball ever made). Thanks Motiv looks like we got a keeper in the Rip Cord Velocity

  2. Velocity for the win.
    Definitely gonna have to put it in my bag.

    Thanks again Lou for another great video, and thanks for all of the advice you have given me.

  3. Definitely see improvement in your approach and balance. Wish I would still average 200+ before coaching! Thanks again on the coaching rec too. Met with him last week and was so worth it. Is the Velocity considered a ball down from VIP Affliction?

  4. I feel a little bad saying this, but I didn’t really love either of these for this lane. They both made the move, but at the very high risk of sounding like a Radical troll, they just did not continue much at all, and seemed to deflect a lot (other than on the 4-9 shots, but those were high). I’m not sure if “hook stop” is the right term, but it feels like it. It just looks like they’re both burning up so much energy in the front that they just quit a bit after they shape.

    I own a Flash, and the main problem I have with it is that it’s so strong and early. So, it pushes me left. But then when I move left with it, it hooks and quits, goes straight off the end of the pattern, and leaves 10 pins or buckets. The Ripcord *kinda* looks like it’s doing something similar here, maybe just not as much?

    I’m not a ball motion genius, but the most continuous cores I’ve seen from Motiv are the Gear and Detonators. I’m just not a fan of the Predator (for my game anyway) or Oblivion cores from what I’ve seen so far.

    Maybe someday they’ll release a pearl Forge and all my problems will be solved… lol

  5. LOVE the fact you show every shot. All balls can look good if you only see the perfect execution. I like seeing how a ball reacts when you miss a little in the oil or friction. I for one need a ball with a little forgiveness in it!

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