Motiv Ripcord Velocity vs Fatal Venom | In Depth Comparison!

Todays video is the battle of the symmetrical pearls in the Motiv line! The all new Ripcord Velocity and the Fatal Venom!!
Ripcord Velocity:
Fatal Venom:

41 Comments on “Motiv Ripcord Velocity vs Fatal Venom | In Depth Comparison!”

  1. Ordered my Velocity after seeing your ball review of it. Looking forward to getting it. Great work as usual Lou!!! Love the content!!!! I want to see Mr. Stones throw the Velocity with his REVS

    1. @Shane Jeffery they weren’t even the same shots but he still took away from the fatal lol

    2. Hey like I’ve always said I’m not a robot. I shoot my vidoes in one take. Good shots bad shots all of them!

  2. ripcord has a better shape than the fatal… the issue is when the belmos and tacketts of the world entry angle is king when they are 35 plus with thier feet shape allows them to create the right angle to consistanly carry the rack. that is what tackett is looking for

  3. The fatal definitely seems to be cleaner, rounder, and a little bit slower than the velocity. A 500+ rev rate could possibly make a fatal seem like a velocity for a 425 rev rate player

  4. I wish you could redo the two shots from 35. you put the Velocity down at least 5 boards left of where you did the Venom and at different breakpoints down lane. Thanks for all your videos I really enjoy them.

    1. Yea they were definitely not perfect shots! But hey that’s the gig! I always show all the shots no matter what!

  5. Aye Yo…first of all, your balance is now totally on point. Not once did you step off during the video. Also, since your balance is better, I see that your follow through is better.

    Now….DAMN YOU LOU!!!
    You make these balls look so good, and having trouble finishing my 4 ball bag.
    I have the VIP Affliction, and the Purple Hammer is preordered. Just need to figure out my last two.
    I’m torn between the Flare, Shock, Fatal, and now this Velocity. Your fault Lou for the hard decisions I have to make.
    If you, or anyone else has suggestions, feel free to give them.

  6. Start of test… I would think the venom would be better. In zone one. Both would be good in zone 2. Rip cord better in zone 3. Both are great bowling balls

    1. So zone one really surprised me. Both bowling balls has their place for sure. Motiv is making some great bowling balls

  7. Having a slow rev rate, 12-15 mph speed, and mostly dry/semi dry house lanes would a fatal venom work? What other bowling balls would you recommend? Love all the videos. For new bowlers watching your videos you might want to show the actual positions you are speaking about. example standing on 25 and 5.. Thank you for doing these videos and Motiv Balls

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