Motiv Purple Tank vs Motiv Desert Tank | In-Depth Comparison

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The Motiv Purple Tank is the newest ball in the Tank line and the first true Urethane ball from Motiv in a few years! In this video we will see how it stacks up against my favorite ball of all time the Motiv Desert Tank!


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39 Comments on “Motiv Purple Tank vs Motiv Desert Tank | In-Depth Comparison”

  1. Here is my feedback.
    1. New Format is perfect! Love when you are telling us what you are doing, where you are targeting, how the ball is reacting and so on.
    2. Your phone really produces a sharp and clear 4k picture!
    3. The Purple Tank? Wow…this ball looks better and better the more I see it.
    5. The shot with the Purple at 7:55 What even the f..k!
    6. Let’s see you throw the Purple on different patterns in the future. Want to see how it handles Sport level volumes.
    Keep up the great work!

  2. I just can’t buy the Desert Tank because it looks just like my Gold Jackal and I hate that ball but the Purple Tank I can see getting everybody needs a Barney ball

  3. Hmm, so you intentionally keep the purple away from the dry? It feels like that’s the only way I can get mine to go through the pins well.

    1. Well if I feed it Into the friction it’ll hook even earlier and roll out. I’m trying to control the down lane hook. So if I keep it up the lane and get it to the friction down lane it won’t BOOM like other reactive balls do on heavy friction

  4. First of all, I love this channel and your ball reviews!!! I just received my tank blitz. I’m super excited to get it drilled up this week. Keep up the good work!!!!

  5. Called my pro shop & ordered a purple tank yesterday! I bowl on wood lanes & relatively short & or lighter oil. Any suggestions on a layout for it?

    1. NICE!! I think it’ll be really good for that condition! So far im liking the stronger pin to pap layouts with lower VAL Angles

  6. I’ve thought about switching from brunswick to motiv bowling balls. I used to be an ebonite guy then a hammer guy before going to Brunswick. I have no ball preference it happened by chance. I could throw any brand and do well

  7. i heard you take the alpha out of line soon, can yopu tale me what more is on the list on way out and what are coming up?

    1. I like both of these on high friction. will depend on the volume. If the volume is lower then go with the desert since the purple will destroy the front part of the lane!

  8. Really like what your doing Lou with the comparisons helps me build my arsenal in the future would love to see some sport shot video comparisons also if possible.

  9. Great video just ordered the purple tank and can’t wait its the first urethane ball I have ever owned thanks for video

  10. How do you clean the microcell/poly? Normal cleaning process? @MotivLou thank you for the content.

    1. Anytime !! So I clean them the same was as reactive balls or urethane balls. Motiv Amplify cleaner or the CTD cleaners

  11. Nice job on the comparison of the two balls . I like the tanks smooth motion down lane . Thanks Lou

  12. Doesn’t the desert tank roll just like the purple tank, If the purple tank is polished. Down lane shape?

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