Motiv Purple Tank Review By Staffer Luis Napoles | First Impressions

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This Motiv Purple Tank is the first urethane ball by Motiv in at least a few years and this one is a GAME CHANGER! This core and cover combo is an absolute homerun! Also PLEASE let me know what y'all think about this new format! Check out my Patreon linked below!

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43 Comments on “Motiv Purple Tank Review By Staffer Luis Napoles | First Impressions”

  1. Really looking forward to this review. I’m definitely getting this tank! New format is cool too! Great review🤘

  2. 7:19 The Purple just walloped the pins!
    Love the new format too!
    You sold me dude. I am getting one of these as soon as I can!
    Thank you.

  3. Really like that format. I think you should keep doing it. That pin down was a better look for me. But both balls look really good going down the lane.

  4. This was the best video I’ve seen you do explaining the product, layouts and your throwing the ball a lot better just writing to let you know it’s not going unnoticed keep up the good work

  5. Love the format btw. It’d be killer to flip back and forth between them because the other is great also

  6. I’ve only thrown hammer the past three years but I bought this ball and I’m not sure how I want it drilled yet!

  7. After having used it for a few weeks now, would you recommend this ball to someone as a spare ball?

  8. I bought a purple tank a few days ago. First game was a 300 out of box which is CRAZY!! I have mine drilled pin over the fingers. I have never thrown urethane and it is very different. But wow I am loving this motion!! -Brad

    1. That’s awesome to hear!!! I’d love to see a video of that if you have it!! Post it on the MotivLou Facebook page!! Keep it up Brad!

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