Motiv Purple TANK | Full uncut review with JR Raymond

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27 Comments on “Motiv Purple TANK | Full uncut review with JR Raymond”

  1. With the rerelease of the purple hammer that hammer teased?

    Also it took me about 10 games for the tank to mellow out.

    1. Idk the OG blue hammers from the 80s and 90s are EXTREMELY good and i personally know pros who still to this day opt to have it over a purple. I’ve been looking for one of those things so bad just to finally know if it’s as good or better than the purple. Anyway this is coming from a guy (lefty btw) who throws the purple hammer on every sport shot i can literally anything under 41 feet really.

    1. Purple tank is better from all accounts. I’ve heard most say its the best urethane ball to date. I’m definitely thinking about getting one tbh

  2. It’s MORE versatile than the Purple Hammer. Play with the surface. I have a polished one WOW and also one at 1500. GREAT!!!!

    You should do a surface video

  3. Hmmm…your review was indeterminate for me.
    You said you will keep it in your bag forever and ever, so you must have liked it a lot, but you did not seem too excited by it when throwing it and it didn’t look that great on the lane honestly.
    I have seen a ton of other demos where this ball was insane.
    But I have to ask the question: How does it compare to the urethane reference standard, the venerable Purple Hammer?
    Until we see the Purple Tank and Purple Hammer, with the same layout and same grit on the same lane, we will never really know which is best and what the differences are.

  4. Love the channel. Keep it up! Bowling U.S open ptq thanks to your videos. I may not get last so thanks again.

  5. What’s up JR? Question for u or anyone.. I just bowled my first perfect game last night. Did it with the Pitch Black. Should I retire the ball or keep slaying with it? What’s protocol here? What did u guys do? Let me know guys. Thanks. 🙏 Love the channel! 👍🚀

    1. Seven years later and I still use my pitch black on shorter patterns and as my spare ball. Keep that thing rolling it’s a great urethane ball and congrats on your first 300.

  6. Maybe I’m missing something here, buy isn’t the Hammer a pearlized urethane? What does this ball have in common with it other than the obvious color? Clearly Motiv is poking the bear by just calling it the “Purple” urethane, but it’s not the same kind of ball.

    If people are really that thirsty for comparisons, the Desert Tank and Tank Blitz are both urethane hybrids that would make more sense to pit against the Hammer. This Purple Tank is more along the lines of a Pitch Black, Fast Pitch, etc.

    1. So the Hammer urethane balls are really good because they have more true urethane material than other companies. So even though the purple Hammer has Pearl in it, it still reads the midland exceptionally well bc of the actual makeup of the coverstock. So for other companies to replicate this motion, they have to use strong solid urethane covers bc their pearl urethane covers are just too weak hence the pitch blue and fever pitch as examples. This purple tank and maybe the tank rampage are probably the closest to the purple hammer, although there’s simply nothing that beats the purple hammer right now yet

  7. could you also do a Comparison with the Pyramid Pathogen Plague Pearl Urethane  along with those 2 would really like to see what all 3 do

  8. He should compare this to all of the purple urethane’s. Purple Tank, Purple Hammer, Pitch Purple, and Swag’s purple urethane

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