9 Comments on “Motiv Purple Tank (1-hand and 2-hand) by TamerBowling.com”

  1. Polish the tank you will be surprised.As a rev dominant bowler the out of box surface was way to early and was a flat ten nightmare.Polished on houseshots works really good.

  2. It took me about 10 games for it to mellow out. As a 2 hander i throw this 13 to 10 down lane on house shot with out of box surface. On Allen pattern I go right up the 8 board with it. After I used the motiv polish cleaner it allows it to be more controlled, and I go right up 6 on house. When I bowled on turnpike with it at that finish, I was standing on 6 and hitting 7. Over all it is a very very good ball, and a very wonderful addition to my arsenal for college bowling.

    1. I do also go only up the back of the ball with urethane; it would be too early if I hit up on it.

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