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  1. I’ve had 2 venom shocks and never understood why it was so far down on the motiv ball chart. The cover is really strong for a ball at that price point.

    1. I agree. But the 4000 finish does bring it down a bit. But put 2000 and it really shines imo hence it should up up further.

    2. In the US Open after day 2 tackett said he went from ghost to venom to primal

      sooo the primal was the step down after the Venom started hooking to early

      Said the primal was cleaner

    3. @Dewitt Fiala Did he say what his layout and surface finish was? Those will control the delta between the 2 balls.

    4. @TamerBowling no he didn’t and your absolutely right! But it was interesting how he was using one as an earlier ball and the “stronger on paper” ball as the cleaner step down

  2. I throw 14lbs also… But my throw is closer to Tyler/Sean… The Venom Diff in 14 is 029… Primal 054… Big Diff Difference in 14lbs… I wonder if I got the Primal if I should drill it Pin Down to be closer to the Shock… But then it’s like… Why buy the Primal and try to make it be the Venom and I already have and love the Venom haha… But I still want one though! Lol

    1. I would personally try to make them different not closer. They are close enough as it is. Probably want to change the surface to separate them further

    2. @TamerBowling Thanks Tamer! Appreciate the feedback, as always. I do currently run my Venom Shock at 2000 as my house shot is pretty heavy… Could then leave the Primal at 4000

  3. I’m excited for the primal shock. My go to house shot killer is a venom shock surfaced down to 3000 trucut. I can rifle that ball to the outside friction and it’s pocket 95% of the time. The other 5% is when I miss left (as a lefty) and pitch it into the ditch. 😂

  4. So looking at reviews for this ball has been a very confusing experience. Some say it’s smoother than the shock or snappier than the shock and the ball reaction just seems to be so wildly different. I was hoping to get this ball in hopes of it being a more angular shock that covers more boards and can handle the oil better. Being a 13 mph 350+ rpm bowler

    1. For your game the primal might be a more “continuous” shock. That may make it appear more angular but the difference is pretty subtle.

    2. It all depends on layout, style and pattern. Universally, the primal will break somewhat earlier and somewhat harder and hit somewhat weaker than the shock with the same bowler, layout, pattern and line. The shock is going to be marginally less over-under on friction

    3. ​@TamerBowling So… Got to throw it tonight and… Now ur way smarter than me and knowledgeable about this stuff… But i feel like this ball was underestimated… Could be a weird personal thing or a layout thing… BUT THIS IS THE MOST ANGLE I’VE EVER GOTTEN OUT OF A BALL. This ball was also longer than i expected and i think im gonna drop it to 3000. This ball made the venom shock look like a urethane in shape. Once i figure this ball out… This is gonna be fun lol.

      Love your reviews though and ur approach to making this videos. The 3 different bowlers and ball motions etc.

    4. @MotivGuy115 Sometimes a formula just matches someone better and makes it feel way better so it’s great that you like it. Have you resurfaced the Shock lately? The one thing with this cover is it lane shines crazy fast. I like the Venom Shock with 2000 and I constantly have to hit it after every set it’s used. I imagine the same will happen with the Primal.

    5. @TamerBowling so i tried 3000 on the shock but not 2000. 3000 has been great so far. Im for sure dropping the primal to at least 3000 also on the shock the resurface was like… A week ago 2 max

  5. Great review Mr. Tamer. Enjoyed the comparisons to the Primal Shock very eye opening. My issue would be I love my Motiv Pride and is there enough of a difference to put the Primal Shock in my bag? Thanks

    1. Thanks! Are they a bit different? Yes. Is there room in the bag? Imo only if you have different surfaces to separate the use case. Primal to me is mid control that could be strong control with surface. Pride was kind of on the fence of strong control and mid control. So imo yeah quite a bit of overlap. Pride is a bit more even shape on the lane vs the Primal.

  6. It kind of seems like Tyler is just too deep and not giving it enough axis rotation. The shots that get out to the dry respond well, but even then, they roll forward into the 3-pin.

    This isn’t a weak cover, but it still needs some dry board to move.

    1. @TamerBowling Not sure I agree. Like, look at his shot at 6:45. He crosses 15 at the arrows, barely gets to 7 downlane, and it comes up lazy. Next shot at 6:50, he crosses 15 at the arrows again, but gets the ball to 4-5 downlane, and it explodes back. That’s the line he should have been on. Everything else just looked fluffy and weak in comparison.

  7. Im a highish speed low rev guy

    Usually play 12 to 10 or move further right and go up the boards

    Which ball would be best? Something like the primal shock? Zen soul? Or maybe even phase 11.

    I don’t want something that burns up outside but has just a little grip inside to hit well


    1. Really depends on what else you have. Phaze II or Zen Soul are in the same strength category imo.. Then the Primal would be a step down.

  8. I wonder how this ball is different from all the primals. The cover is weaker than the scream and rage. It’s a ball with og core and cover. Nothing special.

  9. I’m going with hihi here, motiv is making some strange choices here between releasing duplicate balls (ripcord launch and pride empire, shock and primal) and releasing balls unusable for 90% of bowlers (sky raptor, jackal ambush, carbide tank)

    1. I drilled it identical to my venom shock which is “up” but Honestly I feel like I could’ve benefitted more having it “down” with a wider val angle. It’s surprisingly angular. It will depend on condition. A shorter or higher friction pattern may benefit from down.

  10. For anyone interested, I hit my primal shock with 2000 and like it way better than I did out of box. One of my favorite balls now. My new league bag is primal shock, primal rage remix, and forge flare. We play on a 42 ft house shot with decent volume

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