Motiv Primal Shock Bowling Ball Review By Staff Member Ricky Overton!

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Today Ricky will be reviewing the all new Motiv Primal Shock bowling ball on a fresh typical house shot as well as a transitioned lane!

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38 Comments on “Motiv Primal Shock Bowling Ball Review By Staff Member Ricky Overton!”

  1. I’ve heard REALLY good things about this ball! It combines two of motiv’s best releases: the primal rage and the venom shock!

  2. This ball looks so much better for Ricky than the Black Venom. Would love to see Ricky on for future videos like the new Supra! Side note kinda funny how the non-SPI staffer uses the VLS instead of dual angles

  3. Thank you Lou for having someone to review the Motiv stuff since you can’t throw it. Excellent partnership!

  4. Keep bringing Ricky back. Love being able to see more balls review. Would be cool if you could get someone to do Hammer as well.

  5. I want a Storm vs Motiv game. Luis vs Ricky. To see the differences on the same lane at the same time. 👍🏼

  6. This ball is STRONG for me. Moreso than expected. I really like it, just need to not bowl on torched house shots lol.

  7. Again thank you for letting Ricky review the motiv stuff really thinking of switching to motiv after the summer league because we can only use the two storm balls

  8. 프라이멀쇼크는 베놈블랙에 비해 외피마찰이 더강한가요?

  9. This is Louis living thru a buddy, because somewhere deeeeep down inside he still loves motiv.

    It’s ok, we all make mistakes lou, you can come home…


  10. The Primal Shock is a SUPER STRONG ball! It needs a lot of oil to be controllable. Glad to see “Motiv” Lou/Ricky on your channel again! 😉😁

  11. I heard someone say that the primal shock rolls for medium/low rev players how the venom does for high rev players and I couldn’t agree more

  12. Absolutely awesome that you would allow Motiv Bowling on the channel, glad to know you are about bowling as a whole sport, not just one company. 🤘….

  13. Great content as always Luis. Really used your recommendation for my Zen and have really stepped up my game. I need one more recommendation from you. My current league night ball progression is Inside with the Zen, Middle with the Fatal Venom, and then up 5 board with my trusty Columbia 300 Messenger. I am looking for one more ball which would help me be a little more versatile when the lanes have transitioned and/or replace my messenger all together. Thanks again!

  14. Definitely would like to see more Motiv Vs SPI comparisons. Especially with this last batch of SPI balls released this year. Thank you. Keep up the content!

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