Motiv Primal Rage Le Throwback Thursday Ball Review | My Favorite Primal!

The Primal Rage Le was easily my favorite Primal ball and is a ball the still sees tons of lane time with me! It will 100% make the trip to nationals with me this year!

19 Comments on “Motiv Primal Rage Le Throwback Thursday Ball Review | My Favorite Primal!”

  1. You need a Motiv Lou jersey with your signature saying on there. Just have a bunch of “YEAH” all over it!

  2. Couldn’t agree more. Primal rage remix is always in my bag. It’s been discontinued for some time but that ball and that core are phenomenal.

  3. Glad to hear you’re gonna do a flashback on the hydra! Just found one and was going to ask you how it would stack up with the Supra. Would they be a suitable 1-2 punch for dryer friction lanes?

  4. I love this ball I still throw this in league I shot my first 300 with this ball at Texas Station Jameson drilled it up for me
    look at old PBA shows with Danny Wiseman he had the cool shirts back then it would be perfect for throw back Thursday

  5. I feel sad for this ball, as people didn’t really realise how great this ball was. It wasn’t exactly THE primal rage, but it was close enough to be a replacement (unlike the primal fear…). I also have NO idea what’s taking motiv so long to bring a Primal Rage Reborn with the infusion cover

  6. Totally agree with your comment on your “spun” release. I remember back when you did the Forge Fire review and how much tilt you had back then. You’ve come a LONG way Luis. All that practice and work has paid off. CONGRATS!

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