10 Comments on “Motiv Pride – The (sort of) Making by TamerBowling.com”

  1. Saw a teaser of this ball. Revs up quickly and has a smooth but somewhat angular motion.Reminded me of the Assasin as well but a touch cleaner.

    1. @James de la Cruz Yeah I would too. I like my benchmark stuff to be able to go the entire set so I need something with some bite on the fresh but clean enough to clear the front and mid’s late into game 2 and 3.

  2. You are seeing the exact same things that I did with the specs, core shape, cover, everything. I was lucky to find a new Rogue Assassin recently and I love that ball. I drilled it pin down and it’s my benchmark. I’m wondering if it’s going to be a benchmark A and B or if it will be a replacement. I hope MOTIV does comparison between them. I’m hoping to talk to Nick Pahr from MOTIV to get his insight.

  3. Just what I’ve seen so far of it. It doesn’t seem to be the most continuous ball from Motiv. It deflects a fair amount. More than I want in a ball.

  4. Hey Tamer!… Hope you’re doing well… Long Time Subscriber… Looks like Motiv has caught on to how valuable you are to getting word out about their new stuff and sending them to you early. Super stoked to see thst for you and for us as viewers… This ball is so so good looking. I hope it works out to. My impulse wants to get one, but I want to see how it handles for you. Despite being 1h, my throw is very similar to your 2h throw. Get the vibes this might be too much ball for us in that department (for house shots) judginrg by how much motion you were getting out of the Enzo… For your 2h game, what are you Go-to balls for house shot?… I also throw 14lbs. I keep wasting money and buying new balls that don’t work. I’m not loyal to a particular brand. But at the moment, the Venom Shock is my Benchmark, then I “step up” to a Hyroad or step down to urethane or plastic (Radical Spy @ 1000)… Those 2 balls have been staples in my bag for so long and I feel kind of pigeon holed in them. I’m just not sure where to go with my game anymore

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