Motiv Pride Empire Pearl Bowling Ball Video | BowlerX Full Uncut Review with JR Raymond

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21 Comments on “Motiv Pride Empire Pearl Bowling Ball Video | BowlerX Full Uncut Review with JR Raymond”

    1. This is a good alternative to what He was doing before. The camera on the lane was a distraction, and most comments were about the camera and not the ball reactions. Great improvement, JR.

  1. I like the 25 degree layout with the mass bias kicked out to the right. I am learning to throw my new Pride with the hybrid cover.

    1. Where did you find a hybrid pride? Is it overseas. Cause the original is a solid and this one is a pearl.

  2. 70 degree definitely deflects more. Would you expect similar performance if the balls were solids instead of pearls? Perhaps the strong layout for pearls and weak layout for solids is a good combo for the arsenal?

  3. The 25 degree drilling angle definitely picked up and revved much sooner in the mid-lane, rolled forward sooner, and was a more rounded, heavier rolling and arcing backend reaction. The 70 degree drilling angle was cleaner through the front with a much quicker, sharper, and faster response to friction

  4. Definitely got better and more consistent reaction with the 20 degree pride. Ball looks great reaction wise for sure.

  5. The 70 degree layout will definitely give you more skid and store the energy. Given the last degree which I assume is 25 the moment the 70 degree ball will see friction it will hook left aggressively. While the 25 degree first angle layout will make the ball work the moment it hits the lane and once it sees friction it will not bite back hard because of the energy loss. These are my two cents on the layout. Now which one to use when, it all depends on the lane condition on the given day. Lower volume patterns I would use 70 degrees higher volume pattern I will use 25 degrees.

    Overall the ball looked fantastic to me.

    Appreciate if you can do one video on speed control of the ball with feet movement and also a video on how to send the ball far right when you are playing deep inside I assume this will be related to where you follow through your hand on the clock at the time of release.

    Thanks for putting up great content out there your fan and potential student all the way from bahrain 🇧🇭

  6. U should do a review on the storm and global 900 new ball! night road 6 ways and reality check 4 ways

  7. Stronger lay out definitely. Didn’t see the deflection that normally accompanies the shiny Motiv pieces. Good luck with it.

  8. Now what happens if you go back and drill the original Pride in different layouts. And side by side the pearl and the solid

  9. To my eye, the 70 degree first angle ball floats, and when it hooks, it doesn’t finish its motion through the pin deck, unless the speed is slower, and matched up just right. The 25 degree ball is reading lots earlier, and makes a smooth hook motion at the break point, while still continuing through the pins; i.e., the motion to the left does not stop, but is left – left – more left. I think the advantage would be that when you move into more oil in the middle, you don’t have to slow down so much, or start to increase your axis of rotation as early, to get a good “look” into the pocket.

  10. The 25 degree layout is more continuous at the backend… you can see the 70 deflect more than the 25

  11. This is what I see a lot of people struggled with when it came to the Dark Code as well. It needed a core dominate layout or the REX is too strong and uses energy too quickly and rolls flat.

  12. Great video JR. Excellent demonstration of how changing just the first angle can have such a dramatic effect on the ball motion.
    FYI: The audio on your intro was only on the right channel and the audio for your review was only on the left channel.

  13. You could definitely tell the difference between the 2 ball reactions. I like the 25 degree ball the best because it looked like it gave you a predictable reaction and finish where the 70 I could see being over/under. I have seen that over/under with the Fatal Venom but then again I drilled it much closer to 60 and 25, and I know it’s a sym versus this asym. I have been on the fence on whether to get one of these new Prides and although I still haven’t made up my mind, I think you have laid to rest my fear of it being too over/under.

  14. The difference is interesting…I could see that the weaker ball was cleaner and quicker, but the difference would really show on something flatter. This would’ve been a nice comparison on a medium volume sport shot after game 5. Maybe you’ll be able to test that out this weekend.

  15. With what you said about you drilling Motiv balls too weak in terms of drilling angle, maybe you should revisit the original Pride and drill it with the 25×4.5×30 layout and see how much better it rolls for you. Maybe a side by side comparison with the Pride Empire would be a cool idea too

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