Motiv Pride Bowling Ball | Full Uncut Review with JR Raymond

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17 Comments on “Motiv Pride Bowling Ball | Full Uncut Review with JR Raymond”

  1. JR can you explain the effect of the mass bias IE. the effect it has on ball motion when it is further away from the thumb hole VS closer I am having trouble with Asymetrical balls

  2. Looks pretty good, but I could see myself getting trapped with a ball like this: Too strong when playing straighter, runs out of energy when playing left. When would you use this, early in a set with heavy volume?

    1. I hear ya. Same thing with me. Right now I’m focused on playing the angles on the right hand side. Gotta learn a better ball release to play left. Ball selection is critical.

    2. @Neal Johnson Same here man. I’ve been practicing almost every day, mainly focused on release, keeping the arm and hand inside. It’s definitely brought results, my rev rate is consistently in the 400’s, ball speed up around 16-17 (still not high enough), but man I’m just inconsistent AF. Can’t reliably hit my marks, and hand position at release is all over the place. Sometimes I’m too far behind -> too much roll, sometimes I get around it too much and the ball over-hooks. So I’m trying to relax the hand position, worry less about revs, play straighter and get my ball speed and accuracy up. I use the slow-mo cam on my iphone, amazing how helpful that is. Always keep working at it brother, we’ll get there!

  3. The deflection this ball has sometimes is what turns me away from getting this ball. I’d rather spend the extra $10 to get the Forge Flare. I feel like you would get, more ball for the money with the flare.

  4. Would it change that smooth arc motion if it were to be drilled pin down? How do you think it would react. Release date is oct. 13th so everyone knows. I have mine pre ordered from you already im excited for this ball

  5. Cool video talk to tech Jr Raymond bowlerx motiv pride with dot technology dynamic core in the bowling ball more strike ok

  6. #motiv fan, I really like the way you drilled that ASYM to where it roll in a nice arch just like a Symmetrical your 1st shot.I agree that it is better than the Enzo, and can be a benchmark ball indeed. Before that comment you made’ dang man that dang ball came back strong’ I’m calling it a benchmark ball that can play in med/heavy oil … thanks again JR, ✌️yes the Enzo was a longer wait for the turn… okay JR’ great video no Q asked, I’m telling you the way you showed this pride off I actually liked it better that the ripcord?? I know ppl are probably saying that I’m crazy but the ripcord was late on it’s turn where the Pride was not, it actually got faster,hitting, to the pocket.. I’m sold on this benchmark ball. I’m going to EM Lee and have one punch out as you did that one, you took the crazy sharpe turn out, loved the Dang video Boss man

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