Motiv Pride Ball Review By Luis Napoles | MotivLou is BACK!!!

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The Motiv Pride is the newest asymmetrical solid bowling ball from the Motiv Bowling line! This ball features a ton of control and screams benchmark! I hope y'all enjoy this ball review!

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30 Comments on “Motiv Pride Ball Review By Luis Napoles | MotivLou is BACK!!!”

  1. I saw JR Raymond compare the Pride to the Zen Master and the Pride held its own against the Zen Master. I’m going to order the Pride

    1. I did see that video! The pride is a good ball and shouldn’t be slept on! Use my link if you do order one please!

  2. Hey Lou, for old time sakes, you should have done the duel camera blend throws for the Motiv ball like in the past. Always transition on your left foot slide was a MotivLou staple lol.. Great vid

  3. You’re the one who was throwing it so I’m pretty sure that if you say this ball was better for you from straight it was, but I feel like it did the very same motion from all angles tested. This ball feels like a type of ball that does whatever you want it to do, opposite of something like the IQ Tours or even the recoil, which kinda always did the same thing regardless.

    1. I THINK this ball will be VERY user friendly! I threw it again this morning for another video and I am very impressed. Three different house shots and a Pba pattern

  4. I got to throw the Pride about a month ago. I was blown away with this ball! I have the Enzo and I can say the Pride is stronger by about 5-7 boards for me. I have a hard time trying to shape the Enzo mostly because I feel like it burns up playing a deep line. The Pride on the other hand could care less. Thats with my revs being about 450.

  5. Wasn’t aware of the circumstances behind your not being Motiv sponsored until this video.

    That said, beyond the Motiv gear, what would you say have been some of your favorites to test/throw in league/tournaments?

    1. @Luis Napoles I figured that something happened when I saw you testing out Storm gear for videos. I know a couple of guys that really enjoyed your outlook on all things Motiv, since that’s all they throw.

  6. Pride compared to the Ghost, Rogue Assassin and Rip Cord Flight? Those are the three that I’m trying to fit the Pride around and in between.

  7. Hey Luis, Love the Content! But I did want to say something about this particular video. I kinda fell like this video was not as natural as some of your other videos because you are no longer a staffer for Motiv. I’m not tryna hate it just didn’t seem “real”. Bless Up🙏🙏

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