Motiv Jackal Legacy vs Jackal Ghost | In Depth Comparison!

Motiv Jackal Legacy and the Jackal Ghost are two of @bowlmotiv BEST asym solids! In this video I will go in depth comparing the two to see how they stack up against each other!

Bowling Stuffs
Jackal Legacy-
Desert Tank-
Venom Shock-
Fatal Venom-
Forge Fire-
Forge Flare-
Jackal Flash-
SST 6 Boa-
3 Ball Roller-
3 Ball Tote-
2 Ball Tote-
Power Gel Polish-
Amplify Cleaner-
CTD Trucut Pads-

My Gear
Apple Watch-
Ring Light-
Mini Tripod-

49 Comments on “Motiv Jackal Legacy vs Jackal Ghost | In Depth Comparison!”

    1. @Darryl Kimble yea my legacy is set a little stronger still trying to find the right track on a house pattern

  1. 7 games with the Legacy. 4 over 275. Amazing BALL. 773 of drill press 732 last night with it. 70×4.5×20. Benchmark ball

  2. Legacy definitely seems a lot smoother than the ghost. Whereas you can play a little more outside with the ghost. That’s good for the legacy seeing as how you won’t have to move too far left. So I agree with “don’t get the legacy to replace the ghost. Get it to enhance the ghost”. Another great video😁 can’t wait to see you throw the purple tank!

    1. The larger that number the more unstable the core will be. The larger the number the more asym the core is so it’ll be more dynamic

  3. I’ll have the purple tank before the legacy 😉

    P.s. I’m here!!!!!!

    But how’s do they match up against your dessert tank though 🤔 JK

  4. ty , im buying new stuff with my refund , i havent bowled in 11 years and lost my restaraunt at the peak of covid , but i had been bowling since age 2 to 18 and got burnout. but im gonna try and makje a living off of bowling so im getting 6 balls . im a lefty with 450-500 revs and throw about 21-23mph . in my cart rn i have the storm pitch black, rubicon uc2, idol synergy, jackal ghost, jackal legacy, and venom shock.. so like i said just waiting for my refund lol

    1. I have both and I will say the ghost is by far my favorite motiv ball than forge flare is next in line than the legacy and the vemon recoil

    2. I’m gonna advise you get the legacy. You can play the same line for 3 games easily and it will do the exact same thing. It’s super smooth and loves to roll on the back end.

    3. @KINGTOKER The shock is a must have, I personally would put motivs 5 best balls here
      1. Legacy
      2. Venom Fatal
      3. Shock
      4. Flare
      5. Ghost
      All of those are super super super close together and I’d take any of them over any other ball. That’s a killer lineup if you can get it

  5. It would be interesting to compare the 2 coverstocks at the same finish… I really like how you match with the legacy..

  6. I think you helped me make a decision. I’ve been debating on upgrading my arsenal (Primal Fear, Forza GT, Venom Recoil, Supra, Hyper Sniper), not that I need more balls. Right now the Forza GT is my benchmark and very versatile. I’ve been wanting a heavy oil solid to compliment. From your breakdown of the Legacy vs the Ghost, I feel the Ghost would be better suited for me. I like to see motion a little further down lane. Early read tends to confuses me for some reason.

  7. The ghost was my first high performance ball, I did pre order the legacy and for some reason my pro shop hasn’t recieved the legacy shipment in and I’m going on waiting a week for it so far

  8. One thing that really disappointed me with the ghost was how fast it got shiny as I threw it, so the legacy seems like a better match for me. I like to throw it hard.

  9. Hi
    Can you make a combarsion from the legacy ,ghost, Alpha in OBB and polished from the same line, thats the best way to see difference from the Balls

    Your friend alex from germany

  10. Ghost will have more angularity down lane but Legacy will control the friction transition a lot better. If you have to bump your Ghost off the dry outside to get it back to the pocket the Legacy will allow you to lower your angles and avoid the over-under you can sometimes see if you miss the correct bump spot outside.

    1. @MotivLou Got a Ghost on order. I agree with you that the Ghost would be a great ball to transition into after the Legacy.

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