Motiv Jackal Legacy By Staffer Luis Napoles | First Impressions

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The Jackal line by Motiv bowling is one of the most popular and best lines in all of bowling! This Jackal Legacy continues that tradition. The Jackal Legacy is the strongest ball produced by Motiv to date! This ball reminds me a lot of the Forge Flare and the Jackal Ghost which is a GREAT combination!!

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45 Comments on “Motiv Jackal Legacy By Staffer Luis Napoles | First Impressions”

  1. I believe a comparison with the flare would be amazing. But what about a mixed comparison between all the heavy oil bowling balls as well as this?

    1. Great suggestion! This is something that I have wanted to do for quite some time!! Maybe I might just make that happen!!

  2. What’s up Lou,
    It’s been a minute so first & foremost
    “Happy New Year to ya bro”!
    You already know that I have to add the “Jackal Legacy” to my “Motiv Bowling Balls of Mass Destruction”.
    It look good & I can’t wait to add it to my bag.

  3. Great video, Luis! The Legacy is a beast! I am definitely either going to go broke or end up divorced if Motiv keeps coming with amazing equipment like this! 💸💸💸💸

    1. @MotivLou I’m gonna try not to, but I’m telling you!! That Forge Flare, Jackal Legacy, and my wife’s yet to be retained divorce attorney are all calling my name bro!! 😂🤣😆

  4. Threw the flare on a 39′ shot with 29.4 mls and still wanted to grab within 15′ . I’m concerned this ball will be way stronger but that detonator core is something different.

  5. Nice work Luis! Really like that you implemented two different layouts. Hoping it’s a new thing for future reviews!!

  6. i just orderd a alpha and do might buy this leater on, i just wonder if the legacy are to strong for me.

    1. @MotivLou that what i hope for. a controled ball for oily lanes. both pro motin and og halo have grip i need so i belive the alpha is good step up i need. i not sure if come in to patterns where i need the legacy. legacy are so stupid strong that i dont know what pattern to use it on, we realy play on more 27ml over here.

  7. I like the representation of ball motion with the lines (at end of video). It shows clearly the difference.
    Great work! Thanks man!

  8. 8 More days…The wait is almost unbearable! Really glad my buddy Rich turned me on to your channel. Of all the reviews out there on this ball, yours is closest to my approach, speed, and style, and I love that you show both the good and bad tosses. I just found my groove with the Flare, and totally see this ball finally getting me right back where I want and need to be on our local house shot. So flippin stoked!
    Congrats to Andrew on that sweet 300 you guys captured yesterday…Dear Lord his speed and revs are mind-blowing!
    Looking forward to catching some of your live feeds.

    1. Well hey WELCOME to my channel !! I appreciate al the great feedback!! In a couple hours I have a Jackal Legacy vs Forge Flare comparison dropping so you’ll def wanna check that one out!

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