Motiv Jackal Legacy (1-hand and 2-hand) by

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Watch as I test the new Motiv top of the line Jackal Legacy bowling ball with discussion and quick comparison to the Forge Flare. I test both one-handed and 2-handed on a typical house shot.
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14 Comments on “Motiv Jackal Legacy (1-hand and 2-hand) by”

  1. This ball reminds me of the jackal rising saw similar motion where it is strong and smooth the whole way down lane

  2. Despite being a confessed Motiv fanboy, I can’t say I disagree about being a bit confused as to why they released yet another solid Jackal. I’d much rather they keep the Legacy and Flash, and bench the other two to make room for another core or cover to experiment with.

    1. The Alpha is actually going away very soon. The ghost is much cleaner and quicker than the legacy while still having more traction than the flash so that one still has a place. Plus we keep seeling lots of ghosts so there’s no reason to discontinue it

    2. but i guess the 4 year of the ghost show its a great ball. i belive the jackal demands alot of oil where the ghost can be more used more often

  3. I agree about why do we have 3 solid Jackals out at the same time. I’m still waiting for them to create a stateside Hybrid cover Jackal. All three Jackals however have three different motions, so you can have all three and use them differently.

  4. I like how the EVOLUTION of your 2 hand game has a lot of your 1 hand motion in it!!! =D Before you throw the 2 hand ball. Let the ball lane shine let it get to 4000 grit plus. So it can MOVE Nicely for the Video. The more surface you have the more left you have to go. Its easier to go right. When you have more energy to store!!! <3

  5. Jeff I enjoy your videos, their true on time, and real talk. I’ve watched a lot of videos from different ppl. Because I’m a lefty maybe that’s why I’m so into your videos but besides that. Their good videos for ppl to together information for a decision to making to purchase a ball.. cheers bud.. thank you

  6. I’m newer to the bowling game but I bought this ball the second I saw it in the shop and can I say it hasn’t let me down yet

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