Motiv Jackal Flash vs Jackal Ghost | In Depth Comparison

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What's going on my YouTube fam?!? Today we have a CLASH OF TWO TITANS!! The Jackal Ghost is one of the greatest balls ever made and we are comparing it to one of the best new balls in the Motiv line the Jackal Flash! The Ghost for me was one of those balls that I ALWAYS threw when I needed to get left and shape it! Will the Flash dethrone the Ghost?!?

Let me know what comparisons you want to see next!!

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45 Comments on “Motiv Jackal Flash vs Jackal Ghost | In Depth Comparison”

  1. Flash looked best. The ghost wants more volume in the middle. But that’s a given. The ghost is deceptively strong.

  2. Love the video again. I have both. Just drilled my flash. Like to see an alpha and ghost comparison. I have both and I’d like to see you throw both

  3. I bowl a center with more oil both inside and out. But the flash looked better for you. My ghost was fire on Friday night for me.

  4. I gave my ghost away I could not get a good line with it and I have change surface my rev rate is 590-600 about 18-20 MHP

  5. Wassup Lou.
    I really enjoy your videos, you seem so sincere. 😉
    Jackal Ghost all day (even though I’ve never thrown the Flash 🙄); the Ghost is
    so versatile, so smooth. The Villain Scorn is my favorite Motiv pearl asym.


  6. Just ordered the ghost, Can’t wait to get it punched. I currently throw a golden jackel but plan on getting the flash to takes it place!

    1. The Alpha is earlier and smoother than both the Flash and the Ghost. I posted a alpha vs ghost and alpha vs flash video before !

  7. Can you do a thrill vs desert tank comparison? I’m looking at picking one up for late in the set but having trouble picking which to go with.

    1. If you’re looking for a late in the set ball between the desert and the thrill I would go with the thrill. Reason is that the desert while it is an amazing light oil ball the cover is incredibly strong. So throwing it on the burn will make it roll really really early

  8. Thanks Luis.
    I LOVE my Ghost. Favorite ball in my bag. But, my eyes have always liked a longer push with more backend shape. This will probably be my next purchase. Could keep the Ghost at OOB for those heavier conditions and the Flash sounds like a good compliment to my Ghost & Supra

  9. So I got curious and put 1000 grit on the ghost to see what happens, ends up making a buzzsaw sound going down the lane

  10. The ghost has been my favorite ever since I got it! Even after plugging the weight hole it still holds a place in my bags

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