Motiv Jackal Flash vs Forge Fire | In Depth Comparison

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What's going on my YouTube fam?!? Today I have a comparison between a ball that has been featured A TON on this channel (Flash) and a ball that hasn't been much at all (Fire.) This is a two ball combo that I have super matched up with recently and I wanted to share with you all !!! Thank you so much for the incredible support and as soon as I hit 1000 subs ill post in the next video who the winner will be !!

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43 Comments on “Motiv Jackal Flash vs Forge Fire | In Depth Comparison”

  1. Another great video. Love my fire. Can’t use it too early but was thinking about the original forge for early. What’s your thoughts? My fire is pin down

    1. I have 2 forge fires currently drilled one pin up and one pin down and I actually like them both of the fresh and burn! An original forge would be great for the fresh!

  2. I like both of them for you. Yes i could see why you choose to start with the flash and then the fire. Fire really turns hard on the spot!

    1. In order for the promo code to work you have to be logged into an account. You can’t check out as a guest and use the code

  3. Happy 1k, I threw the fire at a ball demo and it seemed smooth pop kind of reaction, was it that way for you, or was that just a me thing

    1. Thank you!! Yea when I first got it it was on the smoother side. I have recently drilled a second one and it was the same thing very smooth. As I got more games on it and broke the shell down it really opened up to how it shapes now

    2. @MotivLou I’ve got a ripcord, and like the shape, but it doesn’t have enough traction for fresh would the fire be a similar shape that I could use earlier

    3. @Ryan Snyder if you’re referring to the original ripcord then the fire will be a little smoother than that one. But you could totally start with a forge Fire like 2k or 3k then transition into the Ripcord forsure since they have SIMILAR covers

    1. I’m gonna have to start adding some ghost in there! Hopefully soon we’ll get another asym so I can add the ghost!

  4. I’m glad you mentioned the Forge Flare. I’m looking forward to seeing that one. After comparing to the others in the Forge line, I would personally like to see a comparison to the Alpha Jackal. Based on numbers, it seems they would be similar.

  5. That FF looked really good. Both with the actual look, and the ball motion. I’m curious as to how this compares to the Alpha and the Flare (when you get that).

    1. So the FF will shape more than both the Alpha and the Flare. I haven’t got my Flare yet so I’ll be all speculation as to how it’ll actually compare. As soon as I get the Flare I’ll start posting the comparison videos

  6. Sub’d! Jersey would be sweet. Loved my United Revolt, hated the Golden Jackal. Would like to try the Flash and Forge Flare though.

  7. This is going to really show my lack of bowling knowledge so don’t laugh to hard. I have the forge fire myself and love it. Since it’s a hybrid coverstock what product do you suggest using to clean the fire?

    1. I’ll never laugh at any question anyone has!! So for me I really like to use That Wow Factor by Creating the Difference. That company makes really good cleaners. Now the ball being hybrids doesn’t change what cleaner you need. So I use that cleaner on all different coverstock types

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