Motiv Jackal Flash by Staffer Luis Napoles

Whats going on my youtube fam?!? Today we have a ball review of the ALL new Jackal Flash!!

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    1. Hi Mark so I would say copy your favorite layout on your favorite asym ball. That’s what I did. Ghost is my favorite ball I have so I just copied that one and I’m loving it so far. Get with your PSO and have them help you figure out layout for your game!

    1. Alexander Worschech Hi Alex, so I let my eyes tell me where to throw the balls. So if I see that I’m throwing the flash for example in the same place as my nemesis but it’s hitting the head pin straight on or going Brooklyn that tells me that I need to move a little further inside and shape the ball a little more. When I first drill a new ball I’ll go and stand in a spot that I’m comfortable with and looking at a target that I’m used to hitting and just seeing what the ball gives me. Hope this helps Alex! If it doesn’t let help then let me know how I can help !

  1. This ball looks filthy. Not sure I need it in my bag… but I know it will make it into my bag at some point. 😅

    1. By the way @motivlou, I really like the new release without the extra hand action. Much smoother release and the ball sits up really strong at the break point! Keep up the great work and thanks for comparing the Flash to so many other Motiv balls! It looks so much stronger the more you moved left, but was tame enough to run up the right track without crossing over.

  2. Would you put this ball in the lineup for the “6 Motiv Balls You NEED In Your Bag”?
    If so then what ball would you replace?

    1. CisionXD I think for me on the list it replaces the Forge Fire in the top 6 but then there’s 3 Jackals 😂 that list wasn’t my personal list though. My list would look a little different than that !

    1. Fred Baldwin I LOVED the nemesis until I threw the Flash 😂 you’re welcome ! I want to keep posting more content !

  3. Great review. Really liked how you discussed the ball in relation to others before throwing it. Also the you talked about a step down ball to help create an arsenal or just a 1, 2 punch.

  4. Love the videos man🤟🏽Keep it MOTIVated. I just drilled a trident nemesis for fun how would this compare?

    1. Dartanion Sellers Thats a GREAT question you ask there! Sunday morning you’ll be able to see for yourself how the Flash and Nemesis compare ! #StayTuned

  5. So excited for this jackal, it’s even a plus that it’s their first TRI-COLORED ball!!! Great review man definitely will keep watching future reviews!

  6. Just bought 1 today. I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Fits perfectly to my game. And not to mention THE COLORS. This ball looks rly cool esp going down the lane. So glad I purchased this ball

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