9 Comments on “Motiv Iron Forge vs Ripcord Velocity – BATTLE OF THE INFUSION MVP COVER by TamerBowling.com”

    1. @TBSports As a low rev (200rpm) low speed (14-15mph) player which of the forges’ would you recommend for a 42 ft med-heavy house shot?

    2. @T Tim When Bryan tests, we’ll be able to know how he feels about the Iron Forge but for a heavier condition, he still keeps the original Forge in his bag.

  1. Love this comparison, thanks for doing it! Curious which of these two you would pair with the Pride for a medium 43’ house shot.

    – 17ish mph
    – 450-475 rpm
    – medium tilt & axis

    Or maybe I should look at something like the Enzo?

    1. I kind of like the Enzo as a step down there with the pride. There’s a case to be made for each one but I feel like the Enzo case is the slightly better one.

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