11 Comments on “Motiv Iron Forge: The Making – WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE?? by TamerBowling.com”

  1. I’m intrigued. The rip cord velocity was a very good addition to the lineup. But I immediately replaced it in my bag with the supra Enzo. It will be nice to see what the detonator does under a more shiney cover. Looking forward to the review.

  2. An older lefty that has switched to fourteen also and don’t regret it.The problem for me wasn’t finding the pocket it was seven pin carry.

  3. The specs and cover remind me of the United Revolt, which would make sense because Motiv had nothing like the United Revolt in the current line. That large of a core on a weaker shell likely won’t change direction quickly, but it should give lots of continuation and drive through the pins. My United Revolt cracked over the summer so I might replace it with this (on paper) similar piece.

  4. Honestly, been looking forward to putting a Motiv bag together, and I can see a Legacy, Iron Forge, Pride, Shock, Enzo and Top Thrill making a pretty good bag. I’m sleeping on the Flare because that ball looks sooooo early.

    1. There’s enough there to put an arsenal together for sure. Flare is definitely early and super rolly. But Motiv has some pretty good options to match people’s games. I keep the legacy, assassin, and shock in my bag right now.

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