Motiv Forza Redline Throwback Thursday Ball Review By Staffer Luis Napoles

I got my hands on a 15 pound undrilled Motiv Forza Redline and there naturally only two things to do after that! One was drill it and the second was to film! I hope you guys enjoy this little throwback video!


15 Comments on “Motiv Forza Redline Throwback Thursday Ball Review By Staffer Luis Napoles”

  1. Yessss I wanted u to do a review of the forza ss but I didn’t know if u would cuz of when they came out

  2. So you threw the tank on this before? Don’t you think that’s an unfair comparison since you’re throwing something with a clean cover stock on top of carry down.

    1. But the desert doesn’t have a ton of carry down since its not the true urethane. I’m also sure he would wipe any urethane ball he uses so carry down probably wouldn’t be an issue. If anything this older ball will preform better with a little bit of breakdown on the lanes

  3. This ball wasn’t exactly a huge success. Looked great for some people but for most, it was way too sensitive to oil and to dry, basically creating over-under reaction where there wasn’t. Curious to see other throw backs tho.

  4. Omg I wish I had this ball ever since I started bowling I wanted it but I started a lil to late get a new one

  5. Throwback Thursday is definitely a cool idea. My Redline was very condition specific, it either looked great or awful just no in between.

  6. I saw this video and had to laugh just this monday I went to Santa Fe lanes in Vegas with my Forza Redline, SR2,and Ascent Pearl red/black Its been a couple of years since I’ve thrown any of these balls I shot 2088 for 9 games the people who I was practicing with said why do you buy new balls I told them their prettier lol

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