Motiv Forge vs Forge Flare! | In Depth Comparison

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What's going on my YouTube fam?!? Today we have an in depth comparison between the Forge and the Forge Flare!! This is a perfect example of the cover matters so much more than the core! I'm a huge fan of all the Forge balls and these are GOOOOOOD!!!!!

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50 Comments on “Motiv Forge vs Forge Flare! | In Depth Comparison”

  1. Lou, your so right! They have so many ppl ordering the flare and venom they have push forward from dec4th to the 9th or 11th I believe. Can not wait for these two to be in my bag. Flare/Venom. Great video. Oh my original forge in pin down, forge fire is pin up, over ring fing,CG KICKED out 3/4” to the left 55x5x45. Cannot wait for these two. Great bowling you did. Oh crap the shirts are Awesome brother man’

  2. I think the forge is better than the nemesis, The new jackal kicks the nemesis out of the bag.I had it (nemesis)but didn’t really carry it much but carried the forge more often for short patterns & the forge fire, is always in my bag, Alpha, venom, VIP, desert tank, tank blitz .

    1. Johanna Brown / forge Flare has a different shell so it has a strong mid lane Read, and continue strong Roll to the pocket.. if this helps you

  3. Wassup MotivLou. Really nice video ball comparison.

    OG Forge for me. This video convinced me to buy ANOTHER OG Forge, but
    this one will have a pin up layout; my current OG Forge is pin down. I like
    the way the Flare shapes and how strong it seems, but the colors… ugh…
    just as ugly as the Fire.

    Keep up the good work. THX FOR SHARING

  4. Only thing I’d do different, is I’d use the True Cut sanding pads from Creating The Difference. Ive seen so much better motion out of my stuff instead of Abralon, and they even last WAY longer than Abralon

  5. Hi Lou,would you suggest the Flare for someone who is a lower rev rate and ball speed(14mph) to help open up angles? BTW love the videos.

    1. I wish I had a OG forge with this layout on the flare. Not ideal I admit but the pin up flare with small Val angle is still earlier than the forge 😂

    1. Every pin down ball I’ve drilled seems to respond earlier to the friction than pin up. The pin up makes that response take a little longer

    2. @MotivLou Its all about the mass removed from drilling. More mass from the weight block top is removed with pin down, thus reducing flare. Pin up removes mass from the lower portion of the core (thumb hole) thus increasing flare. This assumes same pin distance length from the pap. Not a 5″ vs a 4″. Does this clarify things some? Great videos I might add.

  6. MotivLou, I have recently purchased a slighly used Forge, as well as put in my order for the Forge Flare. I am anxious to get my hands on these. Now I am rolling my Alpha Jackal and Trident Abyss, and I am hoping these two new additions, will give me some more options. Thanks for rhe video.

    1. @MotivLou I have weaker balls, Tank Rampage, Tank Covert, Tank Blitz, Venom Shock, 2 Venom Shock Pearls, Venom Recoil, and Venom Fatal as of Sunday, among others

  7. I will be drilling my Flare tomorrow for league Thursday at Southpoint… Super stoked about this ball as I believe it will support me with a variety of options. As a 185 book average or so, I’m really looking for this ball to get me over the hump!

    1. @MotivLou No Kidding!? Some of my closest friends bowl in that league (Matt Frieberg and Johnny Petraglia Jr) I’m with the FunSeekers downstairs but always come up after. I’ll look for ya this week

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