Motiv Fatal Venom vs VIP | In Depth Comparison

What's going on my YouTube fam?! Today we have an in depth comparison between the @bowlmotiv Fatal Venom and the VIP! Both of these balls are symmetrical pearl bowling balls. These balls have the same Infusion Pearl cover but two completely different cores! Hope y'all enjoy this video as much as I did making it!!! #GetMOTIVated

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35 Comments on “Motiv Fatal Venom vs VIP | In Depth Comparison”

  1. I’ve never used anything with the gear core in the stadium before. Are you planning on doing a surface video for the fatal? I tend to score higher with bowling balls that have surface at the OC (which is not saying much hahaha).

  2. I’d be down to see the fatal and flash side by side.. since the land time forgot in Pennsylvania won’t see a test drive anytime soon

  3. Thou I have not received the Venom yet but they way I get the VIP, to react or how I can use my hand to roll the ball, this is my go too ball to see how the lane are going to act. Besides the Shock, I’m sure I’m going to like the Venom as well.. great video Lou

  4. Nice comparison. I’d say that they are more similar than different though. Coverstock still has the final word. Yes core and layout make the shape, and cover stock is like brakes/gas pedal, but it affects the total result a lot. Also because coverstock will dictate more when the energy will be spent and how much, as a side effect it also changes the shape. If the core wants to go long and then turn quickly….if the cover spends a lot of energy early, the ball will not be that skid/flip we expect.

  5. I have a VIP. Threw a 300 first game out of the bag with it. I had changed the surface to Tru cut 3000 pad. Struck all through practice and then ended with 18 in a row over the first game and part of the second game. I am waiting for my Fatal Venom to be delivered. Can’t wait to drill it up.

    1. Agreed!! Its hard to compete with a venom!! The VIP is a good ball but the Fatal is a GREAT ball in my opinion of course!

  6. Getting back into Motiv. Have a Shock and Allegiant Sniper (Both Undrilled) waiting on my Fatal. Considering adding the Vip to be my ball in between both Venom’s as my ball when I need to get deep and wheel the ball.

    1. Right now I’m using my IQ Tour, Code Red and Marvel Pearl. I use the Tour and Code Red when I’m trying to control the lane and then the Marvel Pearl when I need to get left and bounce the ball off of the friction

    2. Adding the Fatal and the VIP will be a GREAT round off to the bag. I would suggest hitting the Fatal with a little surface like 3000 or 4000 and keeping the vip with the polish. I hope you love the balls as much as I do !

    1. @MotivLou Nope…so also Motive Forge Flare which is quite unpredictable! Sorry just my opinion…others are welcome to disagree. I didnt find Rubicon good too…

    2. @Anthony Gomes you thinking the vip or the flare or any ball doesn’t look good is completely okay. That’s the beauty of bowling

    3. @MotivLou Its not ‘any’ ball but just a few of them. I do like the Radical Incognito…Or the Zenith.

  7. I’m going to drill a fatal, and see a VIP and Forge Flare in the near future. The only Motiv I’ve got right now is a Jackal Ghost, and it quickly became a favorite in my bag.

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